Stand-Up Comedian Brad Williams: Movies and TV Shows Actor, No Girlfriend? Net Worth?

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Stand-Up Comedian Brad Williams: Movies and TV Shows Actor, No Girlfriend? Net Worth?

When it comes to the exemplary figures who have defied their physical disadvantages, Brad Williams comes as the foremost name. Being called a dwarf or a midget as a bully compliment is pretty hard to the ones. Williams, however, has embraced his god given features as a gift, harnessing them to built a successful career.

Caption: Brad Williams -- Midget Dance

Is Brad Williams married? or has a girlfriend?

Brad Williams is currently a single man who has never been sighted dating with any woman or romantically linked with any women to this date. This standup comedian seems to be focusing on his career at the moment or maybe he just hasn’t found anyone to spend his whole life with.

With a personality like that, we do not think that any woman would be considering his physical structure to make an excuse for refusal. He does sometimes post on twitter with the words “my girlfriend” leaving us baffled. However no any information has been found about him having a girlfriend, which means his posts were directed only for fun.

We just hope that he finds the right girlfriend and turn her into his wife soon. 

Brad Williams as a comedian: Net Worth?

The Comedian within Brad came out when he was called out on stage by Carlos Mencia in his live comedy show. Menica noticed Brad incourse of making jokes on dwarfs. Brad cracked few jokes in the show and the crowd laughed at it. The impressed Mancia asked Brad Williams, @funnybrad to be his opening act on the road. Ever since that moment, Brad has been Mancia’s opening act both in his Mind Of Mancia tour and the Punisher Tour.

Brad has played many roles in many TV shows including The Trouble With The Bliss, Cold Case, Justified, Orange Is The New Black and much more. He has also been portrayed in many movies like Pacific Rim, Jobs, Hollywood Sex Wars, Target.

With a successful career as a stand-up comedian, Brad has accumulated a staggering net worth of $500 thousand dollars.

On May 8, 2015, Brad Williams had his first one-hour comedy special called “Brad Williams: Fun Size.” Here is a video where he explains how he got this show to be one hour show and how he got into comedy.

Caption: his show; Brad Williams Fun Size

Brad Williams was born on January 13, 1984, with Achondroplasia which is a kind of dwarfism. After completing his school at Sunny Hills High School, he attended the University of Southern California but later dropped out to follow his acting and comedy career.

He currently hosts About Last Night podcast alongside Adam Ray and has his own one-hour comedy special called “Brad Williams: Daddy Issues” which made its premiere on May 20, 2016, on Showtime.