Steele Johnson is Not Gay! He Recently Escalated Dating Affair with Girlfriend

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Steele Johnson is Not Gay! He Recently Escalated Dating Affair with Girlfriend

One doesn't need to be gay to receive a gay tag these days. People form an opinion based on their mere judgment and comment on someone's sexuality just like that. 

Well, Steele Johnson, an American diver wasn't spared from the trouble too, as people surmised him to be a gay man.

However, like Steele knows how to shut his haters down by winning over an opponent in a 'diving' game; he shut those people raising speculation over his sexuality by escalating his dating affair with his girlfriend.

Want to know the story of Steele's love life? Let's get it started!

Steele Johnson's Journey From Dating to Getting Married:

Steele Johnson after winning the silver medal in the 2016's Rio Games in the "men's 10 m synchronized platform diving competition" has been a renowned face not just in the United States.

The toned athletic body along with a charming face that Steele possesses has made many girls fall for him already. However, sorry to let you guys know, Steele is married to the love of his life, Hilary Nussbaum. 

Well, their love story started from following each other in Instagram, then sliding into the DM's and later eventually coming across one another at Purdue, a school that Steele attended and exchanging hugs. 

Then finally they went on a date just a day before Steele flew for the games in Rio. Everything eventually fell into place for the couple.

Caption: Steele explains how he met the love of his life. (Published on Aug 27, 2017)

Moreover, after dating for months, the day arrived when the pair got engaged. Well, Steele knows how to make things look perfect, and he did the same for their engagement day. 

First of all, Steele met Hilary's parents in November 2016 and asked for their blessing. After receiving her parent's approval came the day for Steele to get down on his knees.

The day was new year's eve, and the location was 'Pinewood social,' a coffee shop in Nashville; indeed it happens to be a proposal that Hilary didn't see coming, was made on that day.


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Their bond was then taken further when Steele and Hillary decided on becoming husband and wife. They exchanged vows on June 23, 2017, sealing their relationship.

And even after getting married, Steele doesn't seem to stop gushing about his love for his wife. After two months of getting married, he took Instagram, to express that he loves Hilary and is proud of everything she does.

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 Steele undoubtedly shares the kind of relationship with Hilary that might make people envy him!

Steele and His Love For Diving:

Steele, as we all know, is an Olympic diver who also has a collegiate career of becoming a two-time NCAA Champion at the 'Purdue University.'

Steele first started diving when he was just seven years old. However, when he was 12, Steele came across a heart rendering incident where he hit his head on concrete while performing an arduous dive. 

Well, the incident's severity almost ended Steele's career, and possibly his life.

Caption: Steele talks about the unfortunate diving incident. (Published on Jan 21, 2016)

But irrespective of the injury, Steele came back strong after the recovery and had even won a silver medal in the 2016's Rio Games with his partner David Boudia. 

Also, Steele, who has a perfect shirtless body, is mastering the art of Diving with the passing time.


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Hopefully, in the 2020 Olympics, he brings home the Gold medal!