Openly Lesbian Stephanie Miller Proudly Introduces Her Partner! Someone She Could Get Married To?

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Openly Lesbian Stephanie Miller Proudly Introduces Her Partner! Someone She Could Get Married To?

When we accept the truth and acknowledge who we are in front of the world, then life becomes more beautiful as we don't need to pretend anymore.

Sharing the same scenario is an openly lesbian comedian and talk show host, Stephanie Miller. Stephanie is neither afraid to acknowledge her sexuality, nor is she shy to introduce her partner in front of the world, and she is happy that she is dating her.

So let us see what the relationship is like and why everyone believes that the two will get married someday.

The Relationship Between Stephanie Miller & Her Partner: Will They Get Married?

Stephanie Miller famously came out as a lesbian back in August 2010, when she was broadcasting her radio show.

Miller shared that the coming out of Chely Wright was her inspiration to come out of the closet, but her sexual preference was known to her friends and family members for a long time. 

She hinted about the big announcement over twitter, then did the difficult yet brave thing on the air.

She tweeted,

"There may be a lot of crying next hour"

She followed the previous tweet with another tweet.

"Stick around for the next hour. Mama's got something to tell you." 

The tweets can not be found on the internet now, but she did tweet these and further, she went on air and revealed that she is a gay woman.

Moreover, in an interview back in August 2010, she expressed what is it like to come out as a lesbian and how she was encouraged by the right-wing caller from Chicago.

Yeah, Jerry from Chicago . He’s sort of a character on the show, because he’s this right-winger who argues with me about everything. He was in tears because his sister had just killed herself because she was gay, and he wanted to talk to me about it and he wanted to apologize because he was wrong about gay rights and his family wasn’t supportive, and so I hooked him up with my friend at The Trevor Project and I called him at home later to see if he was OK. He was like, "Oh, my God, thank you, I love you so much. But it was just to go, we’re just human beings and I was concerned about you.

She added,

That happened a couple of months ago, and in the meantime I’ve had this friend [Lisa Brende] who’s on the board of the Trevor Project, who’s also been a hero to me and an inspiration. She was a homecoming queen in her high school and came out in high school and lost all her friends, and she’s for years been working the suicide hot line at the Trevor Project and now she’s on the board. It takes all those just quiet little heroes, and in my little corner I’m going to do what I can do. I’m gonna be definitely much more heavily involved with Trevor, and I’ll do whatever they want. A lot of people have been kind enough already to make donations in my name to the Trevor Project, because they’re doing great work. What they do is so important. They’re the only 24-hour suicide hotline for gay and lesbian kids and they send people into the schools to talk to kids about bullying and name-calling, and not just gay smears but just bullying in general, because that’s obviously a big issue for a lot of parents.

She also is an active supporter of her community and has been a part of several parades.

Caption: CURRENT TV Talk Show Host Stephanie Miller at the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade. (Published on May 22, 2011)

But now that everyone is clear about her sexuality, let us see how her relationship with her partner is like.

She has been dating Lisa Brende for a good period now, and the two have been redefining love with every passing moment.

Caption: Stephanie Miller & Her Girlfriend, Lisa Brende at Human Rights Campaign.  (Published on March 21, 2012.)

Stephanie has not been that vocal about her relationship with Lisa, but in an interview back in April 2012, she said,

"Well, she’s 17 years younger, so she’s in elder care essentially anyway. Sadly for her. No, it’s been great. She is, thank God, an early riser anyway. I keep saying that she’s not making me younger, I’m making her older. She – shockingly – goes to bed sometimes when I do. Not always. It depends if she has other stuff going on."

Moreover, when the interviewer said, "you mention your girlfriend occasionally," she said,


But she is not shy about sharing the photos of them together and flaunting their romance.

Stephanie shared a photo album of France trip with Lisa via Facebook.

This relationship certainly is a strong one, and they have been together for a long time, which suggests that they could end up getting married to one another soon.

This is only a rough assumption and nothing official, as such statement is yet to come out from their end, which is why everyone is hoping that the talk show host reveals some plans soon.

Stephanie is the host of her own show "The Stephanie Miller Show," and she is darn good at her talk show. She further has a career as a stand-up comedian. Her professions have served her finances as well; she currently enjoys a staggering net worth of $2 million.

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