Steve McFadden Got Married To Any Of His Girlfriend? Has Multiple Kids With Wife Or Just Partners?

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Steve McFadden Got Married To Any Of His Girlfriend? Has Multiple Kids With Wife Or Just Partners?

Sometimes real life situations become more dramatic than the movies. 

Steve McFadden, who has been playing the best role in movies fits the statement, as his love life is much of drama as well. He had multiple relationships in the past, which were like a mellow drama running in reality. 

So what really happened, turning his stable life into an unstable one? Why couldn't any of his relationships reach the level of marriage? Let's find out.

Steve McFadden Has Kids, But With Wife Or Partners?

Steve McFadden has had many love affairs.

His first girlfriend was his childhood sweetheart named Seu Marshall. He also experienced his first fatherhood with her and gave birth to a baby boy named Mattew McFadden. It was the time when he was just 26, in 1985. 

Steve dated his second girlfriend, Angela Bostock with whom he shares two daughters, Teona McFadden(August 1997) and Mollie Patrice McFadden(May 2004).

Again in 1999, Steve McFadden dated Lucy Benjamin, who is the co-star of the TV series, "EastEnders." McFadden also revealed that he was close to proposing to Benjamin, but the duo got caught amidst the controversial phone hacking scandal, which was reportedly the cause of their break-up.

He quoted the reason as

"but the biggest factor that stopped me was thinking that Lucy had a big mouth and was giving out information".

Steve also disclosed that The Mirror journalists were stealing information from the duo by hacking and publishing the articles about them by saying, 

"I thought she was shouting her mouth off. Now of course I know it was nothing like this and it was The Mirror's journalists stealing information from our phones."

Also, Steve added that The Mirror articles were responsible "for putting her out of work and making her unemployable, and I think she was right." He further explained that the incident destroyed Lucy Benjamin's career by saying, 

"Apart from our relationship, the Mirror articles also had a really profound effect on Lucy's career and how she felt as a person."

The couple ended their relationship in 2003. 

After 5 years at the age of 50, he became a father one more time with his neighborhood girlfriend, Rachel Green, whose home was just on10 minutes distance from Steve. The couple, who first met on the school run in 2008, shared a daughter, Amelie Tinkerbell McFadden together on 29th June 2009.

Rachel Green divorced with her then-husband when she got pregnant and the incident followed Steve and Rachel's relationship first come into light. 

The couple also announced that they were going to be married soon.

The relationship was further confirmed when the couple was spotted at co-star Samantha Janus’ wedding reception at Claridge’s Hotel, where Dr. Green was spotted with a diamond on her ring finger.

Steve McFadden and Dr. Rachel attending wedding while she was on stage of pregnancy (

However, this relation could not reach the height of success as Dr. Rachel did not trust Steve McFadden. In an interview with Dailymail in September 2009, Rachel explained,

 'He can't be trusted.'

The couple broke up some time later without specifying any particular reason, leading the media to assume the reason to be trust issues.

Steve Mcfadden with his daughters Teona McFadden, Mollie Patrice McFadden and Amelie Tinkerbell McFadden (

It was for the fifth time, that Steve became a father again in May 2016, with his girlfriend, Karen Cairns. They gave birth to daughter Frankie McFadden, and it was a joyful moment for them.

He and Karen said that the pregnancy was a surprise, but they were happy with the news. Now, Steve seems to be enjoying his fatherhood with his new-born child.

Steve McFadden spending time with his daughter, Frankie McFadden (

Though not much speculated in the media, both Steve and Karen Carins were last spotted in North London in November 2017. The duo was strolling together with their first child, Frankie and one of Steve's daughters, Mollie McFadden. 

Steve McFadden and his girlfriend, Karen Cairns along with Frankie McFadden and one of Steve's daughters, Mollie McFadden in North London on November 2017

Steve McFadden and The TV Series, EastEnders!

EastEnders is a British TV program where Steve McFadden plays a role of 'hard man' as Phil Mitchell in BBC soap opera EastEnders. He joined the show in 1990 but left in 2003 so as to concentrate in pantomimes. This program brought his acting career to even higher level.

Now, the twist has been revealed that he is presenting his role of Phil Mitchell as a changed man in EastEnders. Phil Mitchell made the dramatic return to EastEnders, as he bounces back from a liver transplant to rescue the family during the crisis.

Talking about Steve's on-screen role comeback, Sean, a fellow cast mate of Steve from EastEnders, mentioned in an interview,

Phil returns in a moment of crisis for the Mitchells. But he is a changed Phil from the exhausted lion that left the square. Steve McFadden is a mesmerising actor. Every scene he does with absolute commitment and conviction. It’s amazing to watch how he does it. He’s great at rage and pent up aggression, but he was at his most moving after the death of Peggy. And when he told Sharon that he loved her just before he was taken away for his liver transplant on Christmas Day was so touching.

Steve attended 2011's National Television Awards where he talked about his on-screen role, Phil Mitchell's heart attack.

Interview with Steve McFadden about the EastEnders (Published on Jan 27, 2011)

Apart from the comeback, "EastEnders" is also the show where Steve will be working again with his ex-girlfriend, Lucy Benjamin as revealed by Lucy in 2017. 

Lucy, who married to Richard Taggart in 2006, explained in an interview in August 2017 about her role as Lisa and Steve's role as Phil by saying, 

“Within 10 minutes it was like I had never been away and it was lovely to be working with Steve, Tish and Natalie Cassidy again. It was like being with old mates. I didn’t have to think about me and Steve in the old days. To be honest, it was about the history between Lisa and Phil and there is so much water under the bridge with those two people that I kinda just resort back to those storylines."

Steve McFadden's Wiki-like-Bio:

Steve McFadden is an English actor was born on March 20, 1959, in Maida, London, England. He is recognized best for his role in EastEnders, and he also served as presenter of Britain's Hardest. He studied economics in North London before realizing that he wanted to be an actor.

Some of Steve's best-featured movies include The Firm(1988), Murder in Mind(2001), Provoked(2007), Lesbian Vampire Killers(2009).

He has been doing excellent work in this industry and has gained lots of popularity, accumulating an estimated net worth of $2.8 million.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Steve McFadden!