Sue Aikens Does Have A Family With Children But No Husband? Unlucky For A Married Life?

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Sue Aikens Does Have A Family With Children But No Husband? Unlucky For A Married Life?

The Life Below Zero star, Sue Aikens has always condemned to be a city dweller and preferred calling herself an explorer and an adventurer. She is an aged woman of 54, who has developed a keen sense of belonging to the animals and has always loved getting close to nature. And on an epochal note, this lady happily admits that she is not easy for people to live with.

You probably might be opinioning now that Sue Aikens is unsuccessful to build a connection with other people and has been all alone throughout her life.

Well, if you think so, we guess this is the time you need to be corrected because this reality star has a different story than what she appears on the screens. 

Don't believe us? See for yourself!

Sue Aikens' Bio: The Family Of The Alaska Reality TV Star:

Sue Aikens was born on July 1, 1963, amidst the deficiency, in a family of a small village called Mount Prospect in Illinois. She has even lived on a tropical island and has mostly spent her childhood moving from place to place.

In the year 1975, Sue's mother left her father and moved with her to settle in a village 80 km north of Fairbanks, Alaska. It was then all up to the young Sue to defend herself in the cold wilderness and make a living out of the severe condition when her mother left her to pursue her own life.

However, she was strong enough to handle the situation and thrived even in the harsh conditions.

Talking about her surname, Sue did not get the name Aikens from her parents; it is indeed the married name which she got from the father of her children. She revealed this fact in reply to a tweet of her follower.

Furthermore, she told that she had married thrice and two of her husbands have already left the world.

A source also discloses that her first husband died of a brain tumor, while the second left her for a younger woman after being in a relationship with her for 17 years.

While Sue hasn't revealed anything about the third one, she unveils that she has two children, aged 33 and 29, living elsewhere in the United States with their own families.

Talking about her career, she made her way to the television screen along with other Alaskans like Glenn Villeneuve, Jessie Holmes, Andy Bassich, Erik Salitan, Chip and Agnes Hailstone in 2013 through a documentary series on National Geographic Channel.

Besides that, she also runs an exploration camp by the name Kavik River Camp, which provides accommodation in summer.

The reality television star, Sue is probably making a good earning with her appearances in the shows, but she favors keeping her salary and net worth to herself.

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