Survivor's Gay Man Tai Trang Loves Chicken Mark That His Actual Boyfriend Mark? Everything In Bio

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Survivor's Gay Man Tai Trang Loves Chicken Mark That His Actual Boyfriend Mark? Everything In Bio

Survivor is a reality show which has proven to be a launching platform for many over the years. It is a show that tests a person’s grit, will, and determination to show and prove their mettle. Not only do you need to be physically strong, but you also need to prove how tough you are mental.

This show has not only been rewarding the winner contestant but is also providing a certain height of fame to fellow participants. Tai Trang is one of the contestants who is now a beloved reality television star who could win a fan-favorite award at the end of the season only if Survivor presented such award.  

Tai Trang loves Chicken Mark:

The beloved personality from the Survivor: Kaôh R?ng, Trang, who belonged to the tribe designation beauty is known for his compassion for plants and animals. Though Survivor was never his first choice, he later found himself enjoying his time in the island with Mark, the rooster. Despite the struggles that he had to face in the show, Trang marked his journey in the show with chicken Mark.


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Even when Trang didn’t manage to win the show, he still remembers Mark and recalls his struggles to keep Mark alive. In an interview with, Trang was asked about how he felt when he had to leave Mark? Trang replied-

“Jeff told me he would have a good place, some family in Cambodia can take care of him. Because I can’t take him home. Jeff said we can’t take him home. But I cannot leave him on the island. There’s no fresh water. He completely depends on us. He’s like a family member.”

He then continued-

“I don’t know. Maybe he became another Cambodian family’s dinner. [Laughs] But at least I got him through the thirty-nine days. I worked really, really hard, physically, to go dive for clams and do a lot for food around camp, so they don’t feel like they’re hungry to look at Mark like meat.”

“After a while we released him from tying, so he was walking around camp. Well you know, when you have a name, and you’re walking around talking to us, he’s part of the family. They become a person. I don’t think anybody was going to eat him. It would look really bad for the rest of the tribe. Except for Nick at the beginning.”

According to a source, the gay contestant has a boyfriend named Mark Philpot (age 56) who is a nurse. He might have kept the rooster’s name Mark as he missed his partner in the show.

In the summer of 2014, Trang and Philpot applied on The Amazing Race but were not selected. However, Trang was later recommended for Survivor as he caught the eye of a casting director. Trang owns a home with his partner Mark in the Bayview, where Trang tends to a backyard beehive and raises chicken.

Tia Trang’s Wiki-like Bio:

The second runner up of the Survivor’s season 32, Tia Trang was born on March 23, 1964. Fifty-three years old Trang is a gardener by profession. Tia Trang, who was raised with eleven siblings had a tough childhood where his family went poor and had to eat plain rice with soy sauce. After the Vietnam war, he spent eleven days on the open ocean with his family.

The energetic and competitive Tia Trang enjoys cooking for friends and planning dinner parties. He also loves keeping bees and raising chickens.