Susan Bennett Claims She Is "Siri" And But Does Apple Offer A Huge Salary? Enjoying A Happy Married Life?

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Susan Bennett Claims She Is "Siri" And But Does Apple Offer A Huge Salary? Enjoying A Happy Married Life?

While people were wondering about the groundbreaking technology behind the Apple's voice-activated virtual "assistant" Siri, there is a real woman behind the Siri’s voice.

When the uncommunicative Apple has never talked about the actual voice behind the Siri, a voiceover actor, who has provided restaurant tips and weather forecasts, claims her to be the one who provided her voice for Siri.

“I provided the voice of Siri.” Says Susan Bennett

Sixty-seven years old Susan Bennett from suburban Atlanta says that she provided the voice of Siri. In an interview with CNN in October 2013, Susan said that she has been in hands, purse, and pockets of millions of Americans in the form of Siri since Apple released virtual assistant Siri on iPhone 4S on October 4, 2011.

Caption: Susan Bennett in an Interview with CNN where she reveals that she provided the voice of Siri in 2013

Prior Susan revealed her identity as a Siri, Allison Dufty was said to be the voiceover artist behind Siri.

Susan Bennett's Salary And Net Worth

Susan who began voice work in the 1970s has spoken for countless commercials and phone systems. Likewise, she has also addressed travelers in Delta airport terminals and directions from GPS devices. They were her source of income until now.

But her salary from Apple is not likely divulged as they haven’t officially introduced her as Siri.

Though Apple hasn’t identified her, many professionals and audio forensics experts confirm her voice to be Siri’s voice. Susan has revealed that she recorded her voice in 2005 for a client but had no any idea for whom it was recorded. However, she was paid by the hour. Susan’s net worth is not yet discovered.

Love Can Be Stronger After A Failed Marriage!

Susan seems to be enjoying a happy married life though she hasn’t talked about her personal life much in the media. She married to guitarist and composer husband Rick Hinkle. They together have a son named Cameron Bennett who is a photographer in Los Angeles.

Prior getting married to Rick, Susan had already exchanged vows with former NHL player Curt Bennett. However, their relationship couldn’t last long. Well, Susan’s first failed married proved that everything happens for a reason. At the age of 67, Susan seems to be living a blissful life with her second husband, Rick!