Sydney Brooke Simpson Bio: From Net Worth & Parents To Dating Status With Ex-Con

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Sydney Brooke Simpson Bio: From Net Worth & Parents To Dating Status With Ex-Con

Sydney Brooke Simpson, whose name only surfaced the media being the daughter of NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpsons, did not have an easy past at all. She grew up watching her mother die and her father being charged with murder in the public spectacle. 

The tragedy of her childhood struck her hard and despite it all, she was raised through such tragic circumstances along with her younger brother to become well-balanced productive adults.

Well, interested in knowing more about life? Read along as we provide you insights on her wiki-like bio.

Growing Up With Tragic Family Life

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of former football player O.J. Simpsons and Nicole Brown Simpson, an American celebrity with a net worth of $1 million.

OJ Simpson is also a Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Southern California. Adding to it he was also the first overall pick of the Buffalo Bills in 1969. But his football fame is labeled with disgrace.

OJ's wife Nicole was murdered along with her best friend Ronald Goldman and OJ was put in trial for the murder of his wife back in 1994. During that time, Sydney was only eight years old and her brother Justin was only five. 

Nicole was nearly decapitated at her Brentwood condo in Los Angeles while Sydney and Justin slept upstairs. The death of their mother was not horrific enough that their father was taken in with the charge of their mother's murder.

The whole incident was publicly speculated while Sydney and her brother faced such tragic circumstances while being deprived of their parents' love. 

However, her father, OJ was found not guilty after a disputed verdict the murder case remained unsolved.

Well, despite it all, both Sydney and her brother grew with their tragedies and are living a well-balanced life. Sydney currently enjoys a loving relationship with her lover and might also be looking forward to getting married.

Dating Ex-Con

Just as the saying, women are attracted to men who shadows their father, Sydney Brooke Simpson seems to be dating an ex-con. She has been romantically involved with Robert Blackmon, who has a criminal record of his own.

Sydney Brooke Simpson with boyfriend Robert Blackmon (Photo:

Turns out Robert was arrested back in 2009. According to some sources, he had fled the scene after slamming his Cadillac into a ditch. As per the report, the accident occurred after a night of bar-hopping.

Robert stated he was returning home from an area which was known for bars. The accident was reported by an unknown individual and police found blood inside the car and outside passenger and later caught up Robert at a hospital.

He was found guilty of careless driving and leaving the scene of the crash along with failure to report the incident. He was ordered to pay fine. 

Despite his criminal record, Robert ran for a city council seat in St. Petersburg but ultimately lost.

However, it seems like Sydney has found love with her boyfriend. As Sydney prefers being away from the media most of the time, there is very few information available regarding her personal life.

It is still a mystery where she met Robert and when their hot romance sparkled. But it seems like he could be her possible husband.