Sydney Sierota Has The 'Rhythm Of Love' With Boyfriend; Dating Affair Far From Basic

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Sydney Sierota Has The 'Rhythm Of Love' With Boyfriend; Dating Affair Far From Basic

In life, we witness several relationships make and break in front of our eyes. Some last, while some do not, and the reason why some of the relationships do not last is the ordinary level of affinity between the people in those relationships, along with the inability to take that ordinary level to a "far-from-ordinary" stratosphere.

Well, taking things to a whole new dimension is something that one can learn from pop singer Sydney Sierota, as she has been enjoying a gratifying relationship with her boyfriend.

The relationship between them is not ordinary or basic by any means, and without further ado, we would like to take you to a short stroll past their relationship!

Sydney Sierota's Relationship With Her Boyfriend:

Sydney Grace Ann Sierota, or, as people commonly know her, Sydney Sierota is the lead singer and keyboardist of Echosmith, a famous American alternative pop band. And she has been enjoying one hell of a relationship with her boyfriend, "Allstar Weekend" member, Cameron Quiseng.

There are rumors that the two started dating back in 2013, but the relationship between them was officially confirmed by Sydney later in 2016.

Since then, the two have been enjoying the dynamics of their relationship to the entire limit, and as they are treading along with their relationship, Sydney and Cameron do not seem ordinary by any means.

The presence of Cameron in her life has made Sydney feel like a lucky woman, as per her posts suggest. Sydney's Valentine's day post, which she shared on her Instagram this year just proves that!


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Cameron too has been expressive of his sentiments and has not been laid back in showing the entire social media world how much he loves his girlfriend.


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And to add to that, Cameron has also starred in Echosmith‘s latest music video for “Get Into My Car,” which shows the support Cameron has for Sydney.

Caption: Echosmith - Get Into My Car [Official Music Video]  

Published on Sep 29, 2017

This is the level of strength their relationship holds!

Born on April 21, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, Sydney Sierota is a famous pop singer best known for being named one of MTV's 2014 Artists to Watch. She is the lead singer and keyboardist of the alt-pop band called Echosmith, which she formed with her three brothers Noah, Jamie, and Graham.

She started playing in a local band with her brothers when she was only 5 years old, and this shows how passionate they were regarding music from their early childhood. They released their first single "Cool Kids" in 2013.