Sydney Sweeney Bio: Age, Height To Parents And Personal Life – All Facts

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Sydney Sweeney Bio: Age, Height To Parents And Personal Life – All Facts

If you love drooling over Netflix, then you probably know Emaline Addario of Netflix's original comedy TV series “Everything Sucks!” But do you know Sydney Sweeney, who portrayed the character of Emaline?

Sydney Sweeney is American actress who quickly came to the hype and is busy setting up her career. Well, if you're inquisitive to know more about the personal and career details of this rising star, then keep reading, as we have gathered up the facts for you!

Sydney Sweeney's Bio

Sydney Sweeney was born on 12 September 1997 in Washington, the Pacific Northwest region of United States. Her parents raised Sydney along with her younger brother, Trent Sweeney. 

Sydney always had her parents as her source of strength while she focused on achieving her dreams. Her father, Scott Sweeney, always showed his presence while lifting up his daughter to do better by arriving in her set during shooting.

Expressing her gratitude, Sydney posted a picture with her dad on Instagram back in 2015, where she divulged that having her dad on the set is always "a blast" for her.

(Photo: Sydney Sweeney's Instagram)

Moreover, her dad also posts pictures of her on his Instagram showing Sydney his support among his closed ones. However, Sydney does not speak much about her mother, who goes by name Lisa Mudd Sweeney.

While Sydney herself is on her way to reach the heights of success having her parents behind her back, her younger brother is following her footsteps towards the world of entertainment.

Sydney's brother, Trent, is an assistant director and an aspiring actor, who is known for A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (2007), The Opium Eater (2010), and Drifting.

However, Sydney, at the age of 20, has her shinning credits along with a shining honor. The actress won Best Actress honors for her role in Takeo at the New York International Film Festival back in 2010.

Moreover, talking about her film credits, she has been on hype and is set to release four of her films this year in 2018. Among four, three of the shows Tell Me Your Name, Under the Silver Lake, Love me or Else has already been completed while the other one titled Clementine is in its post-production.

Sydney, who stands at the height of 170cm (5 feet 7 inches), made her debut in as Lisa in ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction in 2009. She also appeared as Dani Forester in television series Criminal Minds and also appeared in Heros in the same year.

Since then, Sydney took her leap in the film industry. She appeared in The Opium Eater, Night Blind, The Ward, Chase in 2010.

Furthermore, she was seen in TV series like Kicking It ( 2011), Gray's Anatomy (2014), Monster School Animation (2017), Sharp Objects (2018) and Everything Sucks (2018). Besides, she also filmed a 3D movie Spiders 3D in Bulgaria.

Sydney Sweeney's Dating Life

The questions regarding Sydney's romantic relationship have always surrounded her as she has been living a life in the spotlight. Her followers, who adore her dearly, are interested in knowing about her love life even though she has kept the details of her dating and affairs mile away.

Sydney has been able to keep her dating life at bay from her fans. She has not opened up about her dating life either on her social media or in any interviews. 

Sydney seems out of the dating zone in the media's eyes, but on the other hand, she might be enjoying some of her free time with her boyfriend while hiding him under a veil, who knows?

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