Tej Lalvani Net Worth Justifies Lavish Wedding With Wife; From Aisle To Business Boom

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Tej Lalvani Net Worth Justifies Lavish Wedding With Wife; From Aisle To Business Boom

British businessman, Tej Lalvani, who is the latest Dragon to enter the Den in the fifteenth series of the hit BBC show Dragon’s Den, is the CEO of the UK's largest vitamin company Vitabiotics. Earned the legacy from his father, Tej has been excelling in his business while following his father's footsteps.

While doing so, he has had one of the most exciting mix-max weddings in Britain. A traditional Indian wedding added with western wedding elements such as nightclubbing before the wedding, cutting of elaborate cake at the formal reception, dancing in western music, has stolen the show for the bride and the groom. 

Well, Tej indeed had the ravishing wedding that justifies to his net worth which is in millions.

Lavish Inter-Cultural Wedding; Honeymoon In Countries 

As one of the high profile Indian society wedding in London, Tej Lalvani, son of Professor Kartar Lalvani, got married to his fiance Tara Ruby in August of 2011. The couple had a ravishing Indian wedding mixed with a western touch - just as a traditional Indian wedding just with some added formalities.

Their gurudwara wedding was preceded by marriage at Marylebone registry office. Adding to it, the couple had a Mehendi ceremony which was held at Indali, a resturant owned by Kartar in Baker Street which is known for serving healthy Indian foods.

The Mehendi ceremony was followed by the sangeet which was held at the Natural History Museum. It was a sit-down dinner in the huge hall where the giant dinosaur resides.

Their final reception was another sit-down dinner which took place at the exclusive Hurlingham Club in Putney, South London. In the black-tie affair, the guests were greeted by men in red coats.

For the party, the couple had planned for a western music along with the entertainments. Tej and Tara also had their hands on multiple tier cake.

After days of the wedding ceremony, the couple took off for the honeymoon to the Maldives. Later, the couple also visited Malaysia and Japan after a week stay at the Maldives.

Tej Lalvani with wife Tara Lalvani at the Zeitz Foundation and ZSL gala at London Zoo on November 2012. (Photo: gettyimages.com)

Well, they sure had a wedding filled with sparkles and lights that every other person would dream of having. Their net worth did justify the wedding. 

Family Background; Massive Net Worth On Side

Well, their high-fi wedding sure matched up Tej's massive net worth of £275 million. Tej, who is handling most parts of the business, did not just reach there. Even though for other people it seems like he was born into the richness and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. 

But according toTej himself, reaching there was full of struggles and hard work behind it. His father made him work from the base so he got to know all the nooks and corners of the office. After he left the university almost two decades back, Tej right away joined the company which was run by his father back then.

In the company, Tej worked from adding tags to the products and finally running it. He worked in every department of the office and his father did not go any easy on him - excluding any special treatment but with high expectation from him. 

While working with everything he got, Tej became its chief operating officer only in 2008. Later after working for almost seven years, he became the boss looking after every department but mostly specializing in the marketing department.

Tej's father who is pharmacist founded Vitabiotics in 1971 and despite having an unstable childhood as his mother lived miles apart from his dad and he traveled back and forth most of his childhood days, Tej built the company into one of the UK's well-known vitamins and supplements firms.

As of today, the family vitamins business has been turned into a £300m enterprise over the last decade.