Teyonah Parris Already Married Or Is Just Looking Around For A Boyfriend? Reveals Explicitly About Her Fabulous Natural Hair

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Teyonah Parris Already Married Or Is Just Looking Around For A Boyfriend? Reveals Explicitly About Her Fabulous Natural Hair

When you are a public figure and have earned a fair amount of fame and success, you are bound to attract the attention and people follow you in every step of your life and also adore you for what you do. But with that, they also have a keen interest over your personal life and the same can be said about actress Teyonah Parris.

Her fans (you and us) often wonder what her personal life is like and wonder if she is married or looking for a partner. So let us find out what her personal life is like. While doing so, we'll also talk about her famous hair in a detailed manner.

Does Teyonah Have A Boyfriend?

Beautiful actress Teyonah Parris undoubtedly has a truckload of admirers both male and female. However, we will answer the question that bothers male fans the most i.e. if she has a boyfriend or not. However, the actress answered the thirst and for most, that is not a good news.

Caption: Teyonah Parris answers the question “Do you have a boyfriend?" on Wendy Williams Show.

In reply, she said that she is exploring her options but she is not averse to having a boyfriend and said,

"I’m exploring my options. I’m not averse to it."

Further, Teyonah was unwilling to disclose much about her dating life so she ended up saying that she is taking her own time to know herself more and said,

"I’m really busy right now which I am very grateful for. So, I don’t know that I call it dating,"

She finally made it clear that she is not dating anyone seriously but in fact is spending more time on herself. 

"I’m taking a little bit time for myself… getting to know me."

Teyonah Parris has chosen to keep her personal life under tight guards and is successful doing so as the news of her boyfriend has not circulated in the media. Keeping her interview with Wendy Williams in mind, Teyonah seems to be reserving herself for the right man just like every other woman.

We hope she gets the man she is looking for, get engaged, married and have a perfect family and last but not the least, we hope she let's out every detail for the sake of her fans. 

First Step To Natural Hair:

Teyonah has made a statement with her hairstyle, and her Instagram account is loaded with the pictures of her hairstyles.

In an interview in June 2016, she revealed about her natural hair journey and shared an incident which inspired her to go natural and said,

 I went natural five years ago. I did a transition where I cut off an inch every two or three months while wearing a sew-in. For me, it began when I realized that I had no clue what the natural texture of my hair was.

I looked at another young woman and admired her hair. I thought it was beautiful. A friend of mine kindly and gently informed me that I too could have hair like that if I stopped perming it. So that was really a moment.

Teyonah had relaxers since she was eight and never has known true hair texture. So going natural was a discovery in itself as she felt liberated breaking the boundaries to embrace uniqueness in each one of us and said,

On that journey, I discovered I had some narrow ideas about what beauty really was and that I had been programmed to think that how I was born and how God made me and my hair, with the tight, nappy coils and big Afro, was not beautiful or acceptable or sexy.

I had to confront those things and really deal with it. So it was more than just changing my hair. It was breaking boundaries in my mind and in my spirit of what beautiful actually is and could be and how it’s very unique to each of us.

Teyonah has flaunted unique and creative hairstyles and talking about the collaboration with hairstylists she said,

It’s certainly a collaboration! I am very blessed to work with amazing artists and truly, they are hair artists. DaRico Jackson, Felicia Leatherwood and Kangue Dioume are the three artists I pretty much stick with and they’re all so talented.

Further, she added that she lets the stylish play and lets them do what they want and said,

I usually just let them play. I’ll have them ask me if I want it up or if I want it down. As long as you use my hair texture, we’re good. Great! So it really is connecting and collaborating with hair artists. Artists in their own right, and just letting them play and letting them do what they want to do.



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Maintaining A Natural Hair:

Moreover, Teyonah shared the hair care routine of her natural hair and said,

My hair care routine is pretty basic. I try to keep it in protective styles. I’ll do two- strand twists throughout my whole head and then pin them up and wear it like that. It’s nothing fancy. It’s nothing crazy or out there. It’s literally two strand twists pinned up.

Furthermore, Teyonah shared her secret concoction of leave in conditioner and said,

Then I make this concoction of leave-in conditioner, room temperature water, tea tree oil, ylang ylang, argan oil and Anu Essentials oil. I shake it up in a water bottle and mist my hair with it every morning and every night. Then, I’ll do Jamaican castor oil on my edges.

Teyonah was asked to advise people about hair she said,

When we see women in media and in life, and we see their hair, we sometimes want what their hair is doing. I think it’s important to relax and figure out what your hair can do. You may be able to accomplish that same style and you may not be able to. While our hair may look the same, all hair is different. Products take differently to everyone’s hair. So slowing down and investigating and figuring out what products work well for you is important.

Beautiful and talented actress Teyonah Parris has acknowledged and embraced the uniqueness in oneself and has been loved by people for the same. We hope that hair shines more and she finds extra hands to take care of it; perhaps a boyfriend.