Theatre Administrator Jo Green's Married Life With Husband Hugh Laurie Heading For Divorce? Why?

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Theatre Administrator Jo Green's Married Life With Husband Hugh Laurie Heading For Divorce? Why?

To keep others happy you, yourself need to be happy first”, the quote well denotes the fact about the well-being of one’s life before spreading the light on others. Same might have been the case for theater administrator Jo Green, who has recently been in the headlines for his marriage issue or is it due to any extramarital affairs?

So, today we shall learn about the dissatisfaction that leads the administrator to take the step of divorce and also look out for any other reason leading to divorce.

Divorce: What Might be the reason behind it?

In 16th June 1989, Jo Green married an English actor Hugh Laurie in Camden, London. The lady has not revealed her meeting events with her man nor has disclosed about her dating events.

Caption: Jo Green with husband Hugh Laurie on their wedding day on 1989.


However, before getting married, the lady gave birth to her first child Charles in 1988. After the couple had tied knot officially, Green then gave birth to a son William in the year 1991 and daughter Rebecca in the year 1992. The lady has not revealed any information and birth details of her children.

Caption: From Right- Joe Green, Rebecca, Hugh Laurie, Charles, and William.


Despite the fact that the duo was happily married, but as her husband had to stay away from England due to his profession, there came a slight crack in their relationship. 

As posted by on 8 June 2012, the lady had to stay apart from her husband for about eight years due to his profession. While her husband Hugh had to fly often for his professional commitments his wife, Jo, stayed in London with their kids.

On an interview posted by on 19th October 2016, he said:

“I wouldn’t say that doing the series has made my marriage easier. Better? I don’t know about that either.”

But this was not only the main reason for heading towards divorce but also the news of Laurie having an extramarital affair. On the same interview, the actor revealed about his depression and how it had affected his wife and children leading an extramarital affair. He said:

 “I don’t know enough about the illness to say whether it was clinical, but I was certainly more than feeling a bit sad. It went on for long periods of time and had all the other symptoms, like lethargy and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.”

Although the man has admitted to his new affair, he has not revealed anything about his women.

The marriage of the lady was about to collapse, but she somehow managed to overcome the problem when her husband moved back to London in the year 2012. The man and the lady were spotted enjoying their vacation in Marbella.

Caption: DespiteJo Green with Hugh Laurie spending their vacation together in Marbella(2015).


When spotted together neither the man looked happy nor the women. Both of them looked as though they have been strayed and compelled to be together.

Although the marriage was in trouble, the divorce has not filed till date. Maybe the difference in the wedding has been permanently sorted out or maybe the couple is still compromising for the sake of their children. 

The lady and her husband are said to have the total net worth of 40 million dollars. The man has accumulated the enormous amount by working with plenty of movies, series and as a screenwriter. His work has not only gained wealth but also has acquired fame when the lady's husband won the New Zealand Film Awards – Best Actor for Mr. Pip in the year 2013 and Lunas del Auditorio – Jazz & Blues in the year 2014.