Thom Beers Built His Net Worth With Wife! Aging as Millionaires

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Thom Beers Built His Net Worth With Wife! Aging as Millionaires

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

Well, the statement is a perfect match for what Thom Beers, a producer, narrator and a voice-over artist, along with his wife has achieved in their life; working hand in hand.

Moreover, along with an addition to the couple's age, their net worth's figure, too, is stepping up by a notch.

Want to know what they put up to in their life, for the success they have managed to garner together? Keep reading!

Thom Beers and His Wife Know the Secret To Success:

Thom Beers, an actor, producer, director, screenwriter, narrator and voice actor is married to wife, Leslie Beers, who is the president of Amygdala Music and a  jewelry designer. Thom, who is 65 years of age, also shares a son, Max with his wife. The couple's son is 20 in age and is attending Highland Hall, a Waldorf School. Thom shared a throwback family picture, with his wife and son, Max, back in 2016 quoting, 'his son has the sweetest smile.'

The close-knit family is prosperous both professionally and personally. Thom's wife, Leslie, provided a glimpse of her grown-up son and husband to her followers back in 2012.

Moreover, though the nuptial's date of the Beers couple is a mystery, their son being 20 years of age, do provide us with tentative years of them sharing the companionship.

Having known each other for quite a time now, they have worked their way to success together, as Thom holds a net worth, worth $ 25 million. Thom, who has been in the showbiz for about two and a half decade now, is the owner of a production company named 'Original Productions' which he started in 1999. Moreover, Leslie's 'Amygdala Music,' produces all the music for the shows that are produced by 'Original Productions.' Well, they indeed witnessed success working together!

Furthermore, Thom's production credit includes the Documentary TV shows, 'Deadliest Catch,' 'Lobster Wars,' 'Monster Garage,' 'Monster House,' and 'Plastic Surgery: Before and After,' that is aired on the Discovery Channel and it's family networks. Also, his narrative credits add up to a long list including, 'Swords: Life on the Line,' 'Verminators,' 'Ice Road Truckers,' and 'Ax Men.' 

Thom is also known for finding colorful 'manly-men' characters and making them household names, as he did for 'Phil Harris,' a crab boat captain on "Deadliest Catch," who unfortunately died following a massive stroke while filming Season 6 of the series,

Caption: Phil Harris' death left every one heartbroken! (Published on Sep 6, 2010)

Additionally, Beers, who does the 'voice-of-God-style' narration for many of his series, and a trained actor, spent 11 years at 'Turner Broadcasting,' where gained experience in nonfiction programming.