Thought April Bloomfield is Married And Has a Husband? You've Been Wrong The Whole Time

By Sambridhi Rana Magar | On:
Thought April Bloomfield is Married And Has a Husband? You've Been Wrong The Whole Time

New York City is a supreme destination for foodies, and if you are one of the fans of eating, then you must know about the British chef April Bloomfield who runs the Michelin star holding restaurants “The Spotted Pig” and “The Breslin Bar & Dining Room.”

Does she appear to be married to you as well? Yeah, that's the usual assumption people make by looking at her, perhaps because she is already 44. But don't let her appearance misguide you, as the chef does not have a husband.

So, let’s find out the truth regarding her life beyond work in the preface below!

April Bloomfield’s Personal life:

The British chef, April Bloomfield is far away from getting married to a boyfriend solely due to her sexual orientation: April is an openly lesbian chef and a vocal supporter of the LGBT community which has established herself as a prolific restauranteur in the New York City. So, there's no way she would be dating any man!

Though April's sexual orientation is known to the public, her dating status is not. April has not been romantically linked to any woman yet. She prefers to remain hushed about her love status, as no news of her having a partner has ever escaped to the media.

Either April is still searching for a right partner to add to her family or is hiding her love life behind the curtains, the truth can solely be revealed by April, and it looks like we'll have to wait until she discloses her private life to her fans and followers.

More To Know: April Bloomfield's Bio

The beautiful April Bloomfield, 44, was born in 1974 in the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Her mother was a home-based Bomboniere painter while her father was an engineer. She also has a sister along with whom she attended her catering college.

April got her fame as a chef after she moved to Los Angeles and opened a gastropub named as 'The Spotted Pig' in 2003. Her restaurant won a Michelin star in 2005 and garnered even more attention in LA.

After the success, she opened a new restaurant ‘The Breslin’ in the Ace Hotel in New York which also later won a Michelin star. She even opened the 'Oyster Bar' in the hotel, The John Dowry and added one more name to the list of the restaurants she owns.

Besides cooking and owning hotels, April has also written two cookbooks named 'A Girl And Her Pig' and 'A Girl With Her Greens: Hearty Meals from the Garden' that were both published in 2015.

April Bloomfield's cookbook 'A Girl And Her Greens' outer cover that features April (

Moreover, April also appeared in the second season of the Television series 'The Mind of a Chef' back in 2016.

Well, April seems determined to reach the highest peak of success, and with the ongoing pace and hard work, she is likely to be very successful in her life.