Who Will Tiya Sircar Get Married To? Up Next To Have A Husband After Sister Got Hitched?

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Who Will Tiya Sircar Get Married To? Up Next To Have A Husband After Sister Got Hitched?

American actress, Tiya Sircar has undoubtedly uplifted the fans' eagerness to know when and whom will she marry; after all, she is now ambling in her 36th year of life. And with the marriage of Tiya's one and only sister, the eyes of the public are now utterly diverted to this beautiful brunette.

But when is she likely to get married, and if the nuptials are near for Tiya, who is the lucky one to take vows alongside with her?

Let's take a quick review of Tiya's life and know what does the current relationship of this actress holds!

Who Is Likey To Be Tiya Sircar's Future Husband?

The 17 Again actress Tiya has not yet made any statement regarding her relationship status, but she has a lot more to say on her Instagram account.

Tiya appears to be quite interactive with her fans through social platforms, as she seems to be regularly sharing her life events on Instagram and Twitter. And talking about the last couple of years, she is getting viewed continuously with a guy named Yuri Shuravloff, which indeed suggests the possible dating affair existing between the two.

Just two years back, Tiya flaunted her picture with Yuri while they were together; enjoying the night watching Tiya's favorite band in August 2015.


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Later in the year 2016, Tiya posted a birthday message for Yuri through Instagram throwing back a picture collage, which included the two making visits to several places.


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Tiya continues to share pictures of Yuri this year as well, as they both made a friendly attendance in their fellow's wedding ceremony in the mid of September.


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Well, Tiya apparently seems to enjoy being accompanied by Yuri. She made the next visit to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, California with her probable boyfriend a month ago.


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While the images of Tiya indirectly makes a statement that she is in a relationship with Yuri, Tiya is yet to address the situation amid the mass.

However, the budding relationship between the two is quite vivid for her fans now, and they are probably expecting Tiya to tie a knot with Yuri.

It's undoubtedly Tiya's turn to get married, as her only sister Piya Sircar got wedded last year.

A Short Wiki-Like Bio Of Tiya Sircar:

Tiya is an actress of Indian descent, who was born on May 16, 1982, in Fort Worth, Texas to two Bengali parents who worked as college professors. She stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall and fluently speaks Bengali as well as Spanish, French and Italian.

Tiya was an avid dancer before moving to Los Angeles to begin her acting career. TIll this date, she has appeared in guest roles on several TV shows and has also acted in many movies.

Some of her notable on-screen projects are The Internship (2013), Star Wars: Rebels (2014) and 17 Again (2009).

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