Tony Rock Reveals If He Has Dating Affairs Or A Girlfriend In A Cryptic Instagram Message; Too Busy To Be Married?

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Tony Rock Reveals If He Has Dating Affairs Or A Girlfriend In A Cryptic Instagram Message; Too Busy To Be Married?

Tony Rock has made a lot of people laugh throughout his career. He has successfully achieved immense heights while talking about his career. But has this comedian been dating anyone lately? Does he have a lady luck by his side in his life? Or just too focused on fame and career?

Let us find out!

Tony Rock: Girlfriend? Married? Busy With Career?

They say women love men with the humor skills and Tony is incredibly skilled in that very field. He is bound to get lucky with girls very easily, but is he in a dating relationship and has a girlfriend? Does he have plans for getting married? 

Well, people who are big fans of him and follow him over on social sites like Twitter and Instagram might know what he has been up to lately. He has posted a message for all those fans questioning him about his dating life. He took over his Instagram to convey this message to the fans and the media as well. 


Had to repost this... (Now back to the ????????????)

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This post suggests that he is currently chasing his career not a female in his life which probably indicates that he is single and is busy enhancing his career. That also eliminates the question of him getting married in his life at the moment and having a wife. 

But some rumors of him and American singer Michelle Williams having something going on between them. However, they have not addressed the rumor, so this remains just as a general talking topic.

Also, in the past, he was vocal about being single and what kind of women he prefers in his tweets.

Similarly, back in 2011, he tweeted about holding your own even when you are with your partners.

Well, Tony appears to prefer workaholic girls, as per the tweet he shared back in 2012.

So girls, if you do fill in these requirements, you might as well take your shot!

Also, now that he has said he likes women, the gay rumors which often surround him for remaining single can be buried in the earth.

Tony and his issues with fellow comedians!

When you are in the same field as others are, at times, things do get heated, and you do pass on some comments on one another. The same can be said about Tony as he took his shot as fellow comedian Steve Harvey's wife

Caption: Tony Rock slams Steve Harvey and calls his third wife his mistress. 

Published on Jan 31, 2017.

Things have heated up between the two comedy icons and lets us see what happens next in his heated battle.

Anthony "Tony" Rock born on  June 30, 1974, in  Bedford-Stuyvesant, United States, is an American actor and stand-up comedian. He is also a sibling of humorist Chris Rock. Many around the globe have loved Tony for what he has accomplished in his career, and he has made many people cry of laughter with his skills. He is dedicated and is serious when it comes to his comic career, and as a result of that, he has been able to accumulate an incredible net worth of around $4 million.