Traci Melchor's Married Life: Divorced Her Husband in The Past, Does She Have a Boyfriend?

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Traci Melchor's Married Life: Divorced Her Husband in The Past, Does She Have a Boyfriend?

The Canadian daytime television talk show ‘The Social’ is a fascinating online content focused show to tune in during the weekday afternoons. The CTV show explores various discussions related to everyday activities and issues from lifestyle and entertainment topics to covers news.

Traci Melchor, one of the host, has also contributed to the show talking about her personal life experiences.discussions about personal life. But what do we know about her personal life?

Traci Melchor is a very efficient hostess. However,  we do not really know much about her personal life. Plus, she has had a less diverse career.

So, let us learn more about her personal life; " Is she married?", or, Is she dating someone?"

Her Married life: Divorce?

It turns out that she is a divorcee and has two lovely children. Although we couldn't find much information about her ex-husband and divorce on Tabloids, we do know a little about her ex-husband based on her interview with ‘ParentsCanada’ on Feb 28, 2012.

While the interview was about her experience as a single parent on raising her two twin kids; Phoebe and Pheonix, she mentioned their father a couple of times. 

Caption: Traci Melchor and her daughter take YOGA with Casey Soer in 2013.

When the interviewer asked, "You met Phoenix (son) and Phoebe’s father when you were living in Los Angeles. How often do the kids see their dad now?", she replied:

"It varies. In the summertime, he comes up more. I would say once a month to every two months. It depends on what he’s working on [he works in television]. If he’s working in New York he’ll come up a little more often because it’s closer. It’s not ideal, but he is in their life and they love their daddy. I encourage their relationship with their dad. And if they’re sad and missing him, I say, ‘Oh my gosh! Of course you have to cry about missing your dad. You love him. He misses you too."

Is She Dating Someone?

In the same 2012 interview, she also said that she was single. When asked "Have you ever brought a date home to meet the kids?", she said:

"Nope. Never. Never. I have dated sporadically. Right now, for me to take one or two nights of the week away from my children, it just doesn’t make sense to me. And my job is so busy. I think a lot of single moms that do date are able to see their kids every morning and every night. But it’s not that way with me. It’s not time yet. I want a long-term relationship eventually, but right now, I don’t even know how I would fit it into my life."

However, when asked if it was she or her children who weren't ready for her new relationship, she came out honestly saying:

"Yeah. Maybe I am using the kids as a little bit of an excuse. However, you know those commercials that advertise dating – like eHarmony? And on the long weekends they say something like, ‘Connect for free, all weekend long.’ Phoebe saw that and said, “Mommy, you should go on that.” I asked her why. She was colouring at the time and looked up at me and said, “So you can get a boyfriend.” And then she looked down and started colouring again. Maybe they are ready! Maybe it’s me who is a scaredy cat!"


Tracy Melchor is also suspected to have undergone plastic surgery or plastic surgeries; however, the exact information hasn't been revealed by her or any other official sources.

Many have argued that she should have at least a wrinkle or a two at this age (she is in her 40's), but the fact that she doesn’t have raised suspicion of a facelift or Botox. She is also suspected to have undergone through a chin job.

Traci Melchor's Short Bio:

Traci Melchor was brought up in Pickering, Ontario, US. She studied  Radio and Television Broadcasting at the Seneca College. She started her career as the Host of RapCity on MuchMusic before starting as an entertainment reporter for ‘Citytv’ after joining CHUM Limited in the early 1990s.

At present, she is one of the co-hosts (alongside Melissa Grelo, Lainey Lui, and Cynthia Loyst) for ‘The Social’ on the CTV network.