The rising pop sensation : Trinidad Cardona

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The 22-year-old star Trinidad Cardona used the platform wisely and has become the rising star in the industry with his hit title Jennifer following singles like Ready and You Are Mine. His sing Dinero from 3 years ago has recently started trending after being a hit on Tiktok. If you are not well aware of the young sensation, no worries, as we will present detailed information.
The rising pop sensation : Trinidad Cardona

Trinidad Cardona is an RnB singer that was raised by two lesbian couples. Surrounding this aspect of his life, he had to go through serious bullying in his school. As a result, Cardona’s gender and sexuality to this day is still being questioned. Well, here we are to clear all the doubts once and for all. 

Personal Hardships And Struggles 

For someone with such loving parents, going through constant bullying because they were not like ‘other’ couples was really hard for the 22-year-old. While he used to get love in his home, the same love was often used as a reason to ridicule him.

Having his biological father sent to prison at a very young age, his mother went on to marry another woman. The two amazing mothers really did a wonderful job raising him. 

He had to bear the struggles of being raised in a queer household and his race, as he used to be shunned out from parties for having afro hair.

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He used all those energies to his music and now has curated himself to be an amazing artist. 

As he rarely posts on social media, we, unfortunately, cannot find pictures of either of his amazing parents.

Gender And Sexuality? Is It Necessary?

The dinero singer has been constantly questioned on his sexuality and gender.


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To clear the air, Trinidad is a cis male and straight. His pronouns are him/his. He dated  Meredith Reeves around 2019. But now, as per her social media Reeves can be seen with her new boyfriend. It seems after the breakup, the artist has been enjoying his life and dating life in private.

Having a standing height of 5ft 9 inches, Cardona is a charming man. However, the singer has not come forward and addressed the rumors or questions regarding his sexuality and gender, and neither do we think it is necessary.

Just The Beginning

Growing in a liberal and multiracial family, the 22-year-old was exposed to various cultures at a very young age. While he is of Mexican and black ethnicity, he was exposed to Puerto Rican culture as well, as his mother's wife is Puerto Rican. 

This surely affected the artist's way of expressing music. His pain and struggles are very much evident in his music as well.

At just 16 years of age, Cardona started writing and composing music. His first track, 'summer love,' in 2016 was well received, and people started taking his art more seriously. Being brought up in a generation of social media, the artist got introduced to the world through Facebook and Youtube. His first massive hit was ‘Jennifer’ that created a separate fan base for him.

And Cardona has not looked back since. Cardona recently turned 22 and celebrated his birthday on May 23. And he got the best gift he could have ever wished for. Recently his song ‘Dinero’ got massive recognition and love on TikTok, and it is currently a trending song. After 3 years of release, the song has started to gain popularity and currently has 15.7 million views on YouTube.

With someone with so much art and potential, we are sure Trinidad will be a household name for pop culture soon. We give our best wishes to him. 

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