Tyler Hoechlin is Not Gay! His List of Girlfriend and Dating Affairs Proves It

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Tyler Hoechlin is Not Gay! His List of Girlfriend and Dating Affairs Proves It

In the present context, one does not even have to be gay to get that tagline. People build speculation based on their own assumption and question one's sexuality.

The same thing happened to the TV actor, Tyler Hoechlin, who fell victim to the false speculation and was labeled as gay.

While everyone was assuming him to be homosexual, he proved it otherwise with his dating affairs and a list of girlfriends. Let's take a look at his dating affair that denies his tagline.

Tyler Hoechlin's Dating Affair

Tyler Hoechlin is popularly known for his role as a werewolf in the MTV drama series Teen Wolf. The actor plays an older werewolf in the series and the viewers could not get enough indulgence out of the shirtless body of Tyler Hoechlin in the show.

Besides Teen Wolf, his hit movie credits include Road to Prediction (2002), Everybody Wants Some (2016), and Solstice (2008).

The actor's professional life has not hit the limelight much, but his false gay tagline has undoubtedly put him in one. But before you, too, fall to the baseless rumor, take a look at his dating affairs that clearly proves that he is not gay; and the list is long!

The date goes back to 2004, just a year after he made his debut through Road to Prediction. He briefly crossed paths with his 7th Heaven co-star Ashley Simpson, and the two were rumored to be dating. Likewise, long before Candice Accola married her husband, Joe King, she and Tyler were the ultimate Hollywood couple.

Caption: Tyler and Candice together back in 2004

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But the details of their breakup was not revealed. However, relationships with these women were not the only dating news about Tyler to see the light.

After that, the actor was not shy about his relationship with  Rachele Brooke Smith. The couple often talked about their two years long relationship in public. But that did not last either: they announced their breakup in 2012 without disclosing the reason. Wait, there's more!

Only a few months after ending his 2-years-old relationship, cupid struck Tyler, and he fell in love with Brittany Snow.

Caption: Tyler and Brittany on the premiere of Pitch Perfect 2

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The couple started dating back in November 2012. They were very private about their relationship and preferred to dodge paparazzi as much as they could.

"We're pretty much happy now, but I think it's important as actors or musicians to keep that part of our lives private."

While everyone was assuming that the couple would tie the knot, news of their separation made it to the news. The couple ended their relationship in 2015. The reason for this breakup, like other breakups, is still unknown.

Following this, he was seen with the model, Alena Gerber who was German by ethnicity.The couple was spotted together holding hands in the streets of Rome in December of 2015. But neither Tyler nor Alena confirmed a link up.

The 30-years-old actor is now busy shooting for his upcoming movie Bigger where he portrays the role of a fitness freak.

Caption: Tyler shooting for his upcoming movie Bigger

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Since the actor is playing a role of a guy who is madly into fitness, he has been working out a lot to have that perfect body for his character. The shirtless Tyler is a treat to both straight and gay people alike.