Surprising Wedding Plans of Kelley Phleger Along With Her Husband: Awesome Way to Getting Married

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Surprising Wedding Plans of Kelley Phleger Along With Her Husband: Awesome Way to Getting Married

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth 1969
  • Nationality American
  • Profession Kindergarten Teacher
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Son/s Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, Deacon Johnson
  • Daughter/s Grace Johnson
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Husband/Spouse Don Johnson (m. 1999)
  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • High School Urban High School
  • College University of California
  • Height/ How Tall? 6 feet
  • Hair Long
  • Hair Color Black
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Lesbian No

When it comes to love lives, celebrities have a very bumpy trial with many partners before finding the right one. Like for Don Johnson is one of such actors who has been in the company of a lot of women but it seems like he has finally settled down. Meet Kelley Phleger, the woman who eventually tied down the playboy, Don Johnson.

You might already know Kelley Phleger as the long-term wife of Don Johnson. But what about the backstory behind how they two met and got married. Learn about their wedding and much more here.

What was so exciting about their marriage?

Perhaps the most exciting part of Don Johnson and Kelley Phleger’s wedding was that it was a surprise wedding. The black-tie event conducted by Ann and Gordon Getty turning out to be Don and Kelley’s wedding was the least expected thing on April 29, 1999. But given the thought, their home did provide a perfect setting for a wedding.

Ann Getty had decorated a butterfly theme with silk and hand-painted butterflies all over the place.

It was beautiful. It was in a courtyard area here at the Getty estate and rose petals were allowed to fall over the wedding party.

There are no pictures of their wedding, but you can imagine how good they must have looked according to any photo of them together like this one from Don’s Instagram.


"ebity ebity ebity ...that's all folks" last day of production....for now #bloodandoil #keepwatchin

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The bride looked almost like a princess dressed in a hand-embroidered off-white couture Chanel gown and empire-waist jacket for her wedding dress with hand-sewn pastel flowers. Though Don always is perceived as the playboy, he portrayed the role of a charming prince husband.

The couple had only opened up about their engagement a year before in April 1998. A lot of their friends had opened up about how there was a high chance that Don pulled out a big diamond ring to Kelley, and she said yes. At that time the wedding was supposed to take place in October that year.

They had first met at a birthday party for Mayor Willie Brown in 1996 after being introduced by a mutual friend. Kelley is a Montessori teacher who was previously dating Gavin Newsom. It is not known from when they started dating, but they dated until spring of 1997. She began dating Don from the fall of 1997.

Kelley is still happily married to husband Don until today. In their 16 years of marriage, they have already had three children together. Their first daughter, Atherton Grace was born on December 1999 just three days after Christmas. They had their second son Jasper Breckenridge on June 6, 2001, and their third child Deacon Johnson in April 2005. Below are pictures of him with his sons and another picture with his daughter.


Me and my boys hitting Mexico

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Father Daughter Birthday Breakfast. 16 today! My sweet sweet Atherton Grace Johnson #loveherso

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Don Johnson talks about what Kelley meant to him:

Don Johnson, the star of Miami Vice has always been blessed with Good looks and charms that make women swoon over him. The man has had his greatest moments and his greatest downfalls in the past.

From the failure of 3 marriages (2 of which lasted days) to his relationships with notable icons such as Barbra Streisand, Patti D. Arvanwille, Jody Lyn O'Keefe and many others, he has a huge history with women, many of which were accomplished stars and icons. But Johnson talked about and reminisced about how after all that, he settled for a School teacher.

The Johnson before he met Kelley was a different man according to him. Back then, he was an 80s relic who brought designer stubble and pastel T-shirts under Versace jackets to the world, became a global pin-up, married Melanie Griffith twice, then ended up having Drug abuse, destroyed his career and his health. But by the time he met Kelley, he had changed, the actor says.

By now, Johnson had sobered up, had split from Griffith(twice, mind you) and had nabbed the lead role in a show that would go on to be dubbed as the biggest Police show of all the time and set the Template of every Cop Show since. The actor talked about how he felt being with Phleger, in what might be, the most beautiful lines I have heard a Spouse say about his other half.

“I had a rare moment of clarity and asked this woman to marry me, and I still think that she’s under a spell. And so I beg of you not to snap your fingers, because God knows what will happen if she ever comes to.”

Don Jonhson and Kelly Phleger enjoying a walk in Paris where their daughter Dakota was filming '50 Shades Darker' (

Don Johnson is all set to star in the Fox Comedy Daddy Issues in 2018.

Despite three failed marriage Don has managed to keep his family and children together when it comes to any special occasion. Recently he shared a picture of his children on his Instagram at the funeral of Grampa Wayne.

Don Johnson standing next to his six children (Instagram)

He has a stable relationship with all his ex-wives and children despite the turbulence.

Mary Kelley's Short Bio:

Mary Kelley Phleger was born in 1969 in San Francisco, California. Her father was the late lawyer, Wells Fargo, and Jean Phleger. She went to Urban High School and graduated from UC Berkley with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.

Mary's net worth has not yet been revealed but looking at her lifestyle we cay say she lives lavishly with her husband and three children.