What Is Aparna Nancherla's Age? Is She Married Or Will Always Joke About Having A Boyfriend?

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What Is Aparna Nancherla's Age? Is She Married Or Will Always Joke About Having A Boyfriend?

If you have a funny bone and prefer getting it tickled once in a while, then you might be familiar with people who do that for you. 

The profession of a comedian might seem easy, but is one of the difficult jobs; which is to make people laugh. Only a few comedians have been successful at spreading laughter into our lives.

Breaking the stereotype of a dominant group of male comedians is Aparna Nancherla, who has been able to tickle us in a right way. But does Aparna Nancherla have somebody in her life to make her laugh too? Or will she always joke about having a boyfriend, without having one for real? Let's find out.

Is Aparna Nancherla Married, or plans on joking about having a boyfriend, forever?

If you are a fan of Aparna Nancherla and follow her comic routine, you know she is hilarious. While she loves cracking a joke related to a whole bunch of topics; making fun of having a boyfriend seems to be her favorite one.

Except for her comic routines and funny tweets, she has never mentioned about having a man in her life. Here's how she described what dating means to her.

She continues to make people laugh even when she isn't wired up in a microphone. Here's another tweet where she mentions about her fictional 'boyfriend.'

Her way of giving away information is unique, as she can insert humor in everything. She even revealed about not being married through a funny tweet,

Hopefully, in the days to come, when she finally decides to hook up with somebody, have a boyfriend or a husband, then his life wound not lack humor and laughter.

Aparna Nancherla's Wiki-Like Bio.

Aparna, who is famously known for her comic timing is of an Indian origin, born to an Indian Immigrant family on August 22, 1982, in Washington, D.C US.

Aparna has an interesting way of thanking followers for the warm wishes on her birthday.

She started her career as a comedian from her early age, right after her graduation. Although she is an outspoken lady at present, it wasn't like this back in time.

Aparna revealed that she was a timid personality as she grew up. Shy to the extent that her parents would make her order a pizza, to make her comfortable talking to other people.

Caption: Aparna talks about her shy nature in an interview (Published on Mar 17, 2017).

She had also admitted that anxiety has been a part of her life and she even addresses the issue in her stand-ups, to make people comfortable about having it. Aparna’s sense of humor leans toward the dry and observational variety. 

As a comedian, Aparna appeared on the  Inside Amy Schumer and has written for Late Night with Seth Meyers. Also, she has written and appeared in Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.

Moreover, she is also a co-host of 'Blue Woman Group' which is also called a hilarious podcast about depression.

Caption: Aparna, performing as Amy's girl band in the 'Inside Amy Schumer' (Published on Jun 8, 2016).

With her sheer dedication and passion towards her work, she sure must have earned a hefty amount of money, but she is still to give away the figure of her net worth.

Aparna also keeps touring and makes people laugh; her recent tour destinations were - Brooklyn, NY where she performed at The Bell House on 28th June 2017, followed by, another venue which is Pine Box Rock Shop on 29th June 2017.