What's Up With Sexy Julia Benson's Body? Did She Undergo Breast Implant, Plastic Surgery to Look Hot?

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There is a belief in people that looks and appearance have a significant role in the acting industry, and this is why many actors and actresses go through the body and facial enhancements. Let's take Julia Benson for example who has been in the entertainment industry since 2003. Julia needed an increment in her body measurements, so she underwent some surgeries. Let us know more about this!
What's Up With Sexy Julia Benson's Body? Did She Undergo Breast Implant, Plastic Surgery to Look Hot?

Quick Information

  • Husband/Spouse Peter Benson
  • Lesbian No
  • Weight 59 Kg
  • Height/ How Tall? 5 Feet 7 Inches (1.73 Meters)
  • Education The University of British Columbia(2001)
  • Career 2003-present
  • Nominees Leo Awards(2018,2015,2010)
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • Wedding Date 8 August 2009
  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Date of Birth Jun 29, 1979
  • Age 44 Years, 9 Months
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Children/Kids One
  • Sister/s Four
  • Brother/s One
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Zodiac Sign Cancer
  • Profession Actress
  • Nationality Canadian

There is a belief in people that looks and appearance have an important role in the acting industry, and this is why many actors and actresses go through the body and facial enhancements. And it is not oblivious that many actors nowadays go through artificial enhancements to enhance their features.

Similarly, Stargate Universe's actress, Julia Benson also underwent some surgeries as she needed to enhance her body measurements. And the breast implant apparently came handy to her. So, Let's find out more about her breast implants and plastic surgery!

Life After Breast Implants:

Julia Benson has enjoyed nothing but rising self-confidence after the plastic surgery. She had busty bosoms even before the plastic surgery. 

If that wasn't enough, Julia has turned them into a full D-cup from the earlier full B-cup with the surgery. Importantly, she is a classic example of plastic surgery gone right.

Caption: Julia Benson before (L) and After (R) the breast implants.

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Plastic surgery or not, she is already a very sexy actress, and we can't just question her unbeatable acting skills and caliber. Also, she has already proven it by being an award winning actress.

Caption: Julia Benson was receiving a Leo award.

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Before the surgery, Julia never hesitated to show up. But now she came out to prove to her audiences that breast implant was not only an effort for fame but a need for her that has eventually made her more confident. Her body has helped her portray many of her roles in a better fashion. 

The Startup Career:

In 2007, she played a stripper in the film Road to Victory. Preparing for the role, she trained herself with a dancer who worked at Brandi's strip club in Vancouver.

With her hard work, acting chops, and dancing moves, Julia ensured that her Road To Victory character "Anna" was a standout performer in the dysfunctional sexual drama. 

Apart from that, Julia is seen in many TV shows. One of the very famous of which was the short-lived TV Show 'SGU Stargate University.' As we know, Julia is gifted with a sound physique and alluring looks.

If that's not enough, she can rip your heart with her amazing dance moves.  Did you know that she is a trained ballet, tap and jazz dancer?  Well, there's more. The theater graduate is also a certified aerobics instructor. 

Julia Benson's Supportive Husband:

Caption: Julia Benson looking pregnant on the red carpet of Leo Awards with husband, Peter Benson

Photo Credit: HitBerry

Julia and Peter Benson are married since August 8, 2009.  Julia's husband, Peter Benson was presumably happy to find his wife more gorgeous after her breast surgery. He never criticized her for the act and had been supporting her as he has done in many earlier phases of her life.

Having featured in films like Scott's Land, Bonde and Blonder, Cinderella Pact, and Now and Forever; she has gained a status where she can opt for plastic surgeries to enhance her beauty. Hope she has more surprises for her viewers! 

 I am always changing up my workout routine, otherwise I get bored!  But I have a chocolate lab that I run with almost daily.  That is definitely my favorite form of exercise.  When I got the role of James, I did start working out with a trainer.  I find it helps with the weight training. I did some kickboxing to toughen up physically and just recently I have been taking kickboxing classes with Sharon Taylor from Stargate Atlantis.  She’s amazing!

Julia Benson is a Mother!

 A lovely couple of Julia and Peter reportedly welcomed their first child in 2013. Julia's fans were eagerly waiting for the news regarding the child but she has maintained a tight guard over her life and least information could circulate in the media.

 It's only known that she is a mother of a child, but it remains unknown if she has any other children or not.

And post the delivery, often a woman tends to gain a lot of weight, but this is how she looked at the UBCP/ACTRA Awards in 2014. As one can see, she has no signs of baby fat! We think she should write a book on "How to get rid of baby fat?"

Caption: Julia  Benson on the red carpet of UBCP ACTRA awards

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Moreover, Julia is not only favored for her physical attractiveness but also for her acting chops. People have always believed her acting caliber and loved her numerous on-screen roles. Hope she continues to do that in upcoming days and come up with more amazing performances like SGU’s Lieutenant Vanessa James.

All things considered, we still ask ourselves, why did she require the surgery? Is it an endeavor to look hot? Or, did Julia feel the need to follow the trend?

Her plastic surgery decision has raised all sorts of questions. But Julia has not spoken anything regarding the plastic surgeries and breast implants yet.

Having breast implants is turning into a trend in the industry. The trend has made many actresses go for the bigger boobs, but that does not mean she committed a crime or anything. Julia is an active actor confident with her body.

Julia's Short Bio:

Julia Benson was born on 1979 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She completed her theatrical studies in 2001 and started her professional acting career in 2003 when she was around 24. 

Julia has appeared in movies including "Road to Victory", "Numb", "Blonde and Blonder", "Dead Rising: Watchtower", "Robin, Chuck, and Shirley","Scott’s Lands", "Death Rising: Watchtower", "Interrogation", and "Everything's Coming Up Rosie."

She has also appeared in TV shows including "Tru Calling," "The Evidence," "Masters of Horror," "Reaper, Aliens in America," "Smallville," "Harper’s Island," "Hiccups," "Mr. Young Chupacabra vs. the Alamo."

Besides acting, Julia honed her creative skills behind the camera too. She has written and produced the film titled “Death Do Us Part” released on 2014. She also portrayed the lead role of Kennedy Jamieson in the movie “Death Do Us Part.”

With her hard work, dedication, and passion towards her craft, Julia must have accumulated an impressive net worth, however, she is yet to reveal it in the exact figures.