What Is Sunjai Williams's Age? A Young Star Who Is Blessed By Supportive Mom, Dad, And Sisters

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What Is Sunjai Williams's Age? A Young Star Who Is Blessed By Supportive Mom, Dad, And Sisters

People often say God created Moms and Dads because he is too busy to take care of every individual on his own. Whatever be the logic, it's true that having a supportive family is a blessing in itself, as people don't need to rely on anyone to make their wishes come true.

Belonging to the same caliber are Sunjai Williams' parents, who supported her throughout and helped her rise to fame. If you are a dance lover, you sure know who Sunjai is, and to those who don't know her, you might want to know about her just as much, as she stands out as a brilliant dancer. She made a distinctive impression on the viewers of the dance competition reality show "Bring It," through her appearance on the show.

Today we will give you a brief insight into Sunjai Williams life and her loved ones, who supported her through thick and thin.

Know Beans About The Williams Family:

At the age of 5, when most of the kids struggle walking without stumbling, but Sunjai was different, as she started dancing on the beats at such a tender age. One cannot just resist, showcasing the talent they are born with, and Sunjai has been justifying that since then. 

Not only she is blessed with grace, but she also has a family so enviable. Her family comprises of father JJ Williams, who is a successful and experienced entrepreneur, mother, Selena Johnson, a TV personality and model, and twins sisters, Shamia 'Sky' and Shania 'Star' Williams, who also dances alongside her sister Sunjai as members of the Dancing Dolls team.

JJ Williams and Selena Johnson has been ideal parents to their daughters, as they support all three of them for the decisions they have made with their lives.The Williams sister shares an inevitable bond with one another as well as with their parents whose love has no bounds for them.

Sunjai is also active on Instagram, and she keeps her followers updated about the things she does and the people she loves with her posts.

Here's a picture of the Williams sisters with their dad, which Sunjai posted on father's day mentioning 'she wouldn't trade him for the world.'


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Like daughter, like mom, Selena also loves posting pictures on Instagram.Take a look at the perfect picture of four beautiful ladies from the Williams family,


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An Example of the Perfect Family, right?

Sunjai Williams Short Bio:

Sunjai Williams was born in the year 1997 on February 9, which makes her 20-years old, as of now. Sunjai started dancing at the age of 5, but it was 2012 when she rose to fame after she joined the Dancing Dolls and made her appearance on the reality show, 'Bring It.' 

Talking about her academics, Sujai is a graduate of Clinton High School with honors. Generally, people often work hard to gain scholarships from college and universities. But Sunjai was fortunate enough, as she said, being on the show helped her further in her life, as she received a full dance scholarship to DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania; the arrangement of which was made by the show's production company.

Stating about the same, Sunjai expressed,

“The show has brought great opportunities. To have the people from DeSales come up there and have girls like me audition for a scholarship, it felt really good. It wouldn’t have happened without the show.”

Alike Sunjai, her sisters also started dancing alongside her in the Dancing Dolls team as its member. Here's the clip of three sisters performing together,

Caption: The Williams sisters' performance at Holly Springs Mississippi (Published on Apr 20, 2015).

Despite having earned an extended amount of fame at such a tender age, Sunjai must have accumulated a decent amount of net worth which she has not decided to reveal yet.

We wish her and her entire family, more success in the days to come!