Whitney Scott Mathers Bio: Her Age, Father, Family And Grandparents

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Whitney Scott Mathers Bio: Her Age, Father, Family And Grandparents

Not everyone is lucky enough like Whitney Scott Mathers to have a legendary father like Eminem. She, along with his two sisters, share the luck of being the daughters of popular American rapper, Eminem.

If you are waiting to know all about the legend's daughter, then keep reading, as we'll be covering everything, ranging from her age to family and even grandparents.

Whitney Scott Mathers Bio: A Sneak Into Her Real Life

Fifteen-year-old Whitney was born on 16 April 2002 in the United States of America. She is not the biological daughter of Eminem as she was born to Eminem's ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott and her partner, Eric Hartter. 

Though not own blood, the famous rap legend, Eminem later adopted her as his own daughter.

Whitney has two sisters, Hailie Scott Daughter, who was born to the rap legend, Eminem and Kim Scott and Alaina Mathers, born to the Kimberly Anne Scott and Dawn Scott. Both of her sisters are Instagram stars. 

Eminem's daughters Alaina, Whitney, and Hailie  (Photo: memegenarator.com)

She has a lot of love for her elder sister Alaina, but she is way more connected to Hailie whom she looks up to. Likewise, her grandparents include Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr., Kathleen Sluck, Marie Hartter, Casimer Sluck.

As for education, she is currently studying in high school and is good in academics.

Whitney Scott's Parents

Whitney's biological mother, Kimberly, and Eminem first met at a house party at their teenage days. The rapper was singing LL Cool J’s track, ‘I Am Bad’ while standing on top of a table when Whitney first saw him.

The two talked the whole during the party, and later started dating each other. In 1999, the couple exchanged the vows and began their married life. While they were both married, Eminem found Kimberly cheating on him with other men, so he decided to call it quits.

The duo got divorced in 2001 after the cheating incident. Soon after the divorce, Kimberly moved on and started another relationship with a man named Eric. Both Kimberly and Eric gave birth to Kimberly but went on the run for several years. It may be the reason that Whitney has not met her biological father, Eric. 

Despite involving in a new relationship, Kimberly was hit hard by the divorce with Eminem. Her situation got so worse that she got addicted to drugs and was even arrested for carrying cocaine. 

Soon after release, Whitney got back together with Eminem and got remarried in 2006. However, the couple separated with each other three months later. 

In case of Whitney, Eminem shares a soft space and does not hesitate to express his love for his daughters from time to time. He even works less to spend more time with his daughters as he does not want his daughters to grow up as he did.

In an interview, even Whitney's mother mentioned that Eminem was an excellent father to all three of his daughters.     

Though Whitney is the child of Kimberly and Eric, Eminem loves her as much as he loves his other daughters and frequently mentions in his songs as well.