Is Will Poulter Single? Actor Like Him Must Have A Girlfriend - Right?

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Is Will Poulter Single? Actor Like Him Must Have A Girlfriend - Right?

If you have been a fan of Narnia, then you probably know actor Will Poulter, who portrayed the role of Eustace Scrubb in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. With such talent and personality, it would be a surprise if he's not in a relationship with anyone.

So what's the truth behind the love life of this splendid actor? Is he single or has someone to complement his life?

Keep reading to find that out!

Will Poulter's Dating Status

Will Poulter, an English actor who is known for his works in the movie Son of Rambow, has a personal life behind those cameras. While he is pretty romantic on the screen, his fans are wondering if he is same away from the cameras.

But Will is pretty much quiet about his romantic life. When it comes to opening up about his romantic relationship, Will either adds humor to it or turns it back sarcastically to the person raising it.

Even though he hides his romantic unions, he does tweet regarding his girlfriend via Twitter. His tweets are full of humor which leave his fans perplexed, and there isn't much room for his fans to form a conclusion on the basis of incomplete information.

Moreover, Will compares his girlfriend to an English football club Arsenal which he seems to follow. He tweeted on 18 August of 2012 saying Arsenal's draw to Southhampton that day was like having a cheating girlfriend. 

Besides, Will did not fail to lift up his single fans with his tweet regarding the chocolate day when valentines day was just around the corner. He even suggested the best idea to have chocolate on the day.

If you're single: today is a chocolate day. Get it any way you can. Buy it your self...or at best, steal it from a happy couple #YoureWorthIt

However, later in June of 2013, Will wrote about spending some time with his friends and girlfriends while the boys barbequed and girls cooked. The tweet surely looks like a perfect weekend with loved ones including friends. 

Even though he talks about "girlfriend" in his tweets, it does not reveal anything about the relationship. Well, it seems that his fans have to wait until he reveals his relationship status.

Although he remains mum regarding his love life, he gushed about his family in an interview back in February 2016. His family is into health care as his father is a cardiology professor while his mother and sister are nurses. He shared his inclination towards acting while sharing his outlook towards difference in profession of his family and himself.

 "They all do far more important jobs than me, and get a lot less attention and reward for it. Not that I could follow in their footsteps even if I wanted to – I didn't exactly have a host of amazing science grades. I had nothing else going for me at school. I lived for my one lesson of drama a week."

Moreover, he also shows his support towards the gay community and encouraged his fans to sign the petition for the gay cause

Alan Turing + 49000 men were prosecuted for being gay. @HRC is asking for their pardon. Help by signing the petition

Well, he knows how to use his celebrity status for a good cause, right?