William Jackson Harper - Personal Detail From Parents To Dating With Girlfriend

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William Jackson Harper - Personal Detail From Parents To Dating With Girlfriend

William Jackson Harper, who is best known for his character 'Chidi Anagonye' in The Good Place has managed to grab millions of attention and fans through his acting skills.

Being a fan of William, you must want to know more about him. Well, if you are interested to know about him, you have hit the great place now as we have all details covered ranging from his parents to professional and particularly his love life in one scoop.

So, let's have a ride along!

Insight on William Harper's Bio 

Born on 8 February 1980 in Dallas, Texas, William Jackson Harper goes by a full name William Fitzgerald Harper. William has always maintained muteness when it comes to talking about his parents. Although, William has not revealed the identity of his parents he has never hesitated to mention them in his interviews.

Similarly, in an interview with  Vulture in November 2017, William was asked about his relationship with the Samuel L. Jackson where he gave an interesting answer and also talked about his middle name which is originally his mother's maiden name.

Though William hasn't revealed much about his parents, he is seen showering immense love towards them through Twitter. Back on June 18, 2017, on the occasion of Father's Day, William wished his mother 'Happy Father's Day' on Twitter by revealing that his father was a good man, but his mother has been a father for him since a long time.

While growing up, William discovered his interest in acting and started taking theater classes in middle school with the thoughts of pursuing a career in it. 

After graduating from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in 2003, William moved to New York City with the aim of becoming an actor. However, his journey wasn't that easy as he faced many highs and lows with some unemployment in-between. 

Harper made his screen debut in 2007 by making an appearance in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. A year later, in 2009, William portrayed Danny Rebus in The Electric Company.

Moreover, the talented actor met the cusp of popularity when he landed a role of anxious, indecisive philosophy professor 'Chidi Anagonye' opposite to the Hollywood biggest stars Ted Danson and Kristen Bell, on NBC's fantasy comedy The Good Place in 2016.

William Jackson Harper talking about the season 2 of 'The Good Place'(Published on 6 September 2017)

Similarly, his acting credits include All Good Things, All the Way, True Story, How To Tell You’re a Douchebag and Paterson.

William Harper's Yet To Confirm Love Life

At the age of 37, William seems to have a girlfriend to attend. Though William is miles away when it comes to getting official about his affairs, his social media posts have been speaking on his behalf. Well, his social media posts spark his love life with a girl named Ali Ahn.

Back in November 2016, William uploaded a photo of them on Instagram where both of them looked more than friends.

Again, in Jan 2017, he shared an image of  Ali Ahn with a caption 'I like this person' because of which William's followers speculated her as his girlfriend.

The whirlwind of the posts does not stop here. There are many other posts which hint their relationship. Willaim then uploaded another one in which he showcased his lady with his dog encircled by the surreal view with the caption 'My lady. My pup. Some poppies'.

The lady in the picture is none other than Ali Ahn as she has also posted the same picture on her Instagram account in May 2017 stating that she is running away from the news with her floppy-eared dog.


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According to social media updates, it is very clear that William and Ali are enjoying a blissful dating affair. However, it seems that we need to wait little longer to see if William comes up with the worthy slice of an idea of taking the relationship with Ali to the next level. 

Moreover, it seems that William is on the voyage of enjoying his career and love together.

Beside his flourishing love, there is no any evidence of his past dating affairs. Similarly, there weren't any rumors about his possible married life and wife on the tabloids.  But it seems like things are going to change. Isn't it?