For Willie Garson, Getting Married And Having A Wife Can Wait!

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For Willie Garson, Getting Married And Having A Wife Can Wait!

While there are people who cannot wait to be married and have a family, there are also some who would stay miles away from being in a married relationship. Some despite their aging years also, wouldn't rush to tie a wedlock. So, is it the same case with the American actor and director from The Sex And The City 2, Willie Garson as the actor in spite of his ascending age is still not married. 

Well, let's shed some light on the personal life of Willie to find out the answers and also get acquainted with his professional life on the preface below!

Willie Garson's life Behind Camera!

The American actor Willie Garson who ages 53 at the current date is not till date tangled in a marital relationship and doesn't even show any concern to do so in the coming days. He has also not been related to any dating news so far. 

However, the actor who is mum about his love related life now had once dreamt to be married and have a family. But after realizing that he was growing old and had not ever found a perfect woman to be his wife, he decided to adopt a child. Talking about his experience during an interview with the PEOPLE in February 2010, he said,

“I just reached a point of, ‘What am I waiting for? “I don’t care if I ever get married, but if I never have a kid?”

After deciding to adopt a child, Willie chose the seven years old Nathan from an L.A adoption fair and officially succeeded the adoption process in 2010. As for now, Willie is living with his son Nathan and is enjoying the pleasures of parenthood. The father-son bond has been growing ever since and the two even timely spends quality time with each other.

Previously on 27th December 2017 Willie Instagrammed a picture hinting that he was spending quality time with his son in the Ashford Castle in Ireland.


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Moreover, Willie on 28th January 2018 shared a glimpse of the celebration of Nathan's adoption day in his Instagram account. He even added a beautiful caption to the photo thanking all people who have been part of his and his son's life. 

January 27, Adoption Day....always the counter, always Musso's, 8 years now (2010) thankful for those who've stayed on this adventure with us, and for those who rode part of it with us, you all made and make a huge difference in our lives and are forever in our hearts....


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Well, Willie demonstrably has a partner for life, his son Nathan. Also, he has a beautiful and adorable cute little family with him even though there seems to be an absence of a woman in his life. 

Besides, the life as a father, Willie has a career where he is known to be an actor and also a producer. Willie who has been active in the entertainment world since 1986 garnered a lot of attention through his gay role of Stanford Blatch in the TV series, 'Sex And The City'. He also has a notable work in the series like 'White Collar', 'Star Trek: Voyager,' 'The X Files,' 'Monk,' 'Boy Meets World,' 'My Two Dads' and several more.  

Moreover, Willie is the part of the movies such as 'There's Something About Mary,' 'Being John Malkovich,' 'Fever Pitch,' and 'Kingpin.' Through the speculations on his earnings and property to date, Wille has a total net worth that estimates to be $10 million dollars.