Yanic Truesdale's Getting Married to his Gay Spouse in "Gilmore Girls" Raises Suspicion on his Sexuality

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Yanic Truesdale's Getting Married to his Gay Spouse in "Gilmore Girls" Raises Suspicion on his Sexuality

After having depicted a quiet French character of Michel Gerard in the series of “Gilmore Girls,” Actor Yanic Truesdale had raised a suspicion amongst his daily viewers regarding his sexuality. But after the revelation of his sexual preference on screen, Yanic created anticipation in the mindset of viewers regarding his original sexuality of the screen.

Today, we shall unearth the current relationship position and the professional life of Yanic Truesdale to remove the actual confusion related to his sexual orientation.

What Is His Marital Status Off-screen?

In the series of “Gilmore Girls,” Yanic portrayed the character of a French man who is a huge fan of Celine Dion and wears a body hugging tight sweater. Till the year 2007, the series refrained from highlighting the sexual orientation of Yanic which had raised suspicion amongst the viewers about the presence of gayhood.

While in the 2016 season of Gilmore Girls:  A Year In The Life, the writer Amy Sherman-Palladino launched the series by getting Michel married to his unseen partner Frederic with whom he is planning to adopt a son.

While expressing his excitement to his friend Lorelai (Lauren Graham) at the Dragonfly Inn, Michel shared all his plans and briefed about his husband and said:

“I just don’t understand it. Before we got married, Frederic was more indifferent to children than I am.”

He furthermore added:

“I wanted to ask before it’s final: is there a way that we can expand the dragonfly? Make it bigger, add a spa? I was born to run a spa I need more: more to do, more responsibility, more money. We have a baby on the way,”

In an interview with a source, Yanic further elongates and describes the love life and character of Michel, where he said:

“Michel has grown into someone who has a love life, which we've never seen before. He would go on dates, but it was very vague we didn't see anyone or see the dates, so we'll get to know much more about who he is personally. That's the big change for me."

Well in real life, Yanic has kept his relationship away from the limelight. Beside his co-stars from the series, Yanic has not been spotted with any woman claiming him to be his lady. So there is an intense conflict regarding his marital status as not a dime got revealed regarding his wife, dating life or children. But while scrolling his Instagram account we came across a picture where Yanic mentioned about his godson.


Im the god father of those two precious kids.

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Followingly, there is a likely possibility for Yanic to be gay but until and unless he does not clear the air of confusion we still consider him to be an unmarried man with no spouse but has two godsons with straight sexual orientation.

How Well-Off Is Yanic?

After getting enrolled in the acting school, Yanic headed for the Candian series “He Shoots, He Scores” as a stepping stone for his career. Since then he moved ahead with his acting skills and obtained role in various Canadian series and Hollywood. Since then he has managed to accumulate the total net worth of $4 million, which would incline more as he has undertaken major series projects like “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life(2016) and Sing It (2016).