Young Age Madilyn Bailey: Want to Know Her Bio? Married Life With Musician Husband

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Young Age Madilyn Bailey: Want to Know Her Bio? Married Life With Musician Husband

We live in a world currently where you can earn fame and popularity by just sitting inside your room. The global communication really has made the world a lot smaller and easier especially for people with talents who are searching for platforms.

Our contestant of the day is Madilyn Bailey; American singer as well as a songwriter who begun her voyage to success and fame through her room. Currently, she is ranked amongst the best young pop singers in the Unites States. With her success, she seems to take her personal life parallel. Let us guide you how.

Married Life With Musician Husband:

With her success and fame coming so much at such a young age, she also decided to settle down and thus according to the twitter post below, she got married at the age of just 22 on 22 Aug 2014. Yes, she and her boyfriend (now husband) are both professional musicians and his name is James Benrud, @JimboSliceOfLif.

Madilyn herself had announced that she was officially a married woman in 2014 through her Instagram post.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we did it :) I'm officially a married woman :) I love you @jimbosliceoflife :)

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Caption: Madilyn and her husband James in the wedding day.

The wedding ceremony was conducted in the mid of 2014 when Madilyn broke the news to her parents. They wedded in Wisconsin amongst friends and family, and the event was a lively one. Both Madilyn and James are Christians and wedded in their religious ways. Tweets from those that attended that wedding also include a big family picture of the newly wedded.

Also, there are several videos as well a short film which is related to their wedding, and can be found easily on their YouTube channel. The wedding was followed by their engagement. The couple together announced their engagement through a video in Youtube on  Mar 31, 2014. 

The couple has been enjoying their married life since then. They seem to spend a lot of time together. You can assume this seeing Madilyn's Facebook posts. Hope we will soon get to know more about the couple and their plans.

Madilyn's Short Bio:

Bailey was born as Madilyn Wold; one of the five children of a middle-class family to mother Heidi Wold and father Greg Wold. She was born and raised in Wisconsin on the 2nd of September, 1992.

In her early years, she studied at Grahams Elementary School, and it was unmistakeable how her talent and interest in music grew. She started her career as a teenager who used to make cover songs for popular songs from artists like Rihanna, Madonna, etc. and has plenty of videos on her YouTube channel.

Before her career as a musician, Madilyn also worked as a nursing assistant but used to play drums and acoustic guitar on her own. After she participated in the Guitar Center Singer/Songwriter Competition and won it, there were more doors of opportunities open before her.

Having released some solo tracks, she has also worked in collaboration with artists like Imagine Dragons and David Guetta. In 2015, she was associated with PlayOn, which is a French associate of Warner Music Group, and has been on a tour around Europe.

Her songs are also available on many other websites like Napster and Spotify, and there are a large number of people listening to that. To find out more Wiki about her, you can definitely follow her on Twitter or Instagram and get the latest updates. Nevertheless, we will be working out to inform you either.