Was Young Lyric, 17, Ever Pregnant? Here's What She Says

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Was Young Lyric, 17, Ever Pregnant? Here's What She Says

It's very customary to hear celebrities dealing with controversies and rumors. And the allegations they face sometimes turns out to be true while sometimes they turn out to be just the opposite. So, what is the case with the American rapping lady Young Lyric? Is the accusation of her being pregnant true or was it just a rumor? 

Well, you don’t have to dwell more to find the answers because the lady herself has spoken out the truth now.

So, find out what she has to say regarding her pregnancy rumors in the contents below.

Young Lyric Speaks of Her Pregnancy Rumor!

The American rapper Lyric Michell Ragston (age 17) who is famously known as Young Lyric was accused of being pregnant back in January 2017. The rapper belonging to an Afro-American ethnicity was rumored to have had an abortion, and she was alleged with the doing by non-other than the fellow rapper Miss Mullato. 

Miss Mulatto, who is famous for winning the TV rap show “The Rap Game” uploaded a video on YouTube on January 23, 2017, revealing that Lyric had an abortion. She criticized Lyric's success and even mauled Lyric's parents in the video via the lyrics of her rap.

Miss Mulatto disses Young Lyric through her rap "Miss Mulatto- Response Diss" (Published on Jan 23, 2017 )

Well, it looks like the teenagers Lyric and Mulatto has something messy going on, but it might still be inappropriate to pull their parents into their imbroglio. 

Moreover, the video shared by Mulatto caused quite a stir in the media regarding Lyric's pregnancy. Lyric's fans and followers were all in questions if Lyric had undergone an abortion.  

But the teen rapper Lyric simply answered her followers by denying the accusations of being pregnant through a Twitter post on 23rd January. There she said that she had no idea who got the abortion. 

And when the humhum started increasing, Lyric even claimed that the accusations of Miss Mulato were a lie. She tweeted scripting it as,

However, Miss Mulatto insisted on her tell and tweeted stating that Lyric was actually pregnant and was also beaten by her parents.

More to the point, Young lyrics left no stone unturned to fend away the allegations of being pregnant. After months of those accusations, Lyric denied the rumors where she said, 

"Does it look like I m gonna come home and say I got a baby in my stomach and if she(Mulatto) was smart she would know that my mama wouldn't even take me for an abortion, she would punch me. "

Young Lyric denies rumors regarding pregnancy, abortion (Published on Jul 15, 2017 )

Furthermore, Young Lyric again slammed the rumors in November 2017 via a video where she elucidates her fans that the allegations are fake. Saying that she has had no kids and it sounds senseless when people ask her about having a child, Lyric explained,

I don’t have no daughter I don’t have no kids, stop asking me thatlike,  that sounds so retarted. Did you all ever see me with a baby in my stomach,, please! cuz last time I checked you have to cary a baby for nine months, now did I do that? Just stop the asking stuff that don’t even make sense.

Young Lyric on pregnancy (Published on Nov 8, 2017 )

Well, looking back at Lyric's say and claims, it seems like the 17-year-old rapper was never actually pregnant. The accusations sound surreal, and the news is possibly just a rumor as the news about Lyric's possible boyfriend has not surfaced out in the media yet.