Who is Yris Palmer, who is she dating & who is her ex-husband?

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Who is Yris Palmer, who is she dating & who is her ex-husband?

Star Lash Extensions founder and owner of Star Lash Beauty Bar, Yris Palmer, is an influential personality in the world of social media. She is a successful businesswoman who has invested in female-owned businesses like SEV Laser.

Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Yris Palmer is a Proud Latina

Despite being born and brought up in Los Angeles, Yris had to go to school or her siblings to learn English. Thanks to her Salvadorian parents, who taught her Spanish at home, she grew up bilingual. Her parents came to the states as immigrants.

On a 2020’s Youtube video titled “Growing up as Latina,” in which she retrospects her life growing up as a Latina, she revealed that her heritage made her a “latina.”

She shared that her mother was from El Salvador’s fifth-largest city, Usulutan, and her father was from a small town called San Salvador. She revealed that the majority of his family lived there.

In the video, she expressed a feeling of nostalgia when sharing about her culture, Spanish Parents, Salvadorian slang, and how she had her “dream Quinceanera, a culturally-rich Latin American tradition for a girl of age 15 to celebrate her journey from girlhood to womanhood. 

Palmer remembered that she had planned for the ceremony for ten years and finally had it when she was 15. She “designed her own Quinceanera dress,” choreographed her ball “dance and balie sorpresa” with “punta merengue” and hip-hop-themed steps.  

She also explained a lot about how Salvarodians celebrate. She praised the music, food, and the feistiness that comes with being a Latina. She connoted Salvadorian celebrations as “always fun” and noted her experience with foods such as pupusa, flan, tres leches cake, choco banana, and others. 

“Salvador is in Central America and it is the smallest country of Latin America. We are the smallest but we are here loud and proud and that is one of the reasons why I’m always like trying to put Salvadorians on the map.”

Growing up in the states, both of her neighbors were from El Salvador, and she had “a lot of Latina friends. She “felt “bonded” whenever she met another Latina because of the culture of the land that, according to her “values family.”

Yris Palmer is a College Drop-out but was a Cheerleader in High School

Palmer has made her life larger and meaningful with her utmost consistent dedication. But she dropped out of her college after the first two years and never graduated. 

Previously, she attended Fairfax High School, which she denotes as “best school in L.A.” She was a cheerleader in high school.

Her Parents were Super Strict

In her video “Growing Up As Latina,” she recalled that her dad was super strict.


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“I was never allowed to sleep over anybody’s house—doesn’t matter how much I begged, if they had a brother, if they had a dad..., I was not allowed to sleepover over their house. I was really good up until 15 because I wanted a Quinceanera,” she remembered.

Yris Palmer had a humble origin

Yris comes from Salvadorian parents who worked hard for their children.

“From a young age, I always saw my parents working. My dad never had a day off,” Palmer spoke of her humble origins with In The Know’s Gibson Johns in May 2020.

Remembering her early days, she shared, “I always wanted what I didn’t have. We didn’t have a house growing up. It was eight of us living in a two-bedroom apartment. So, from a young age, I’ve always worked. I’ve always hustled. I’ve always been trying to figure out what [was] going to be my thing.”

Her first job was as a hostess at a Mexican restaurant when she was 15.

Yris Palmer’s Grasped the Opportunity with Star Lash 

During a trip to London, Yris saw the opportunity about lashes that few might have anticipated in Los Angelos.

“Everybody in London had these lashes, and I couldn’t think of one person in L.A. that had lashes or did the service,” said Yris while talking about her business anecdotes.

She initially began the business as a side hustle to be able to give auditions to be an actress and eventually leave the waitress job behind. For that, she first took a class on lash extensions in England.

After returning to L.A., she began her business in her parent’s basement in 2014 and promoted it through Instagram.

In fact, she remained anonymous for some time and pretended like a worker of the company out of sheer fear of being a failure. Gradually, her brand started to get the hype on Instagram.

“I built this whole company off of Instagram and Google. I didn’t have nobody, really, to help me because my parents, again, they didn’t understand it at all...,” she remarked.

“They were like, ‘You need to stay in school. We’re just used to working for somebody else.’ Entrepreneurship was all new. I would sit on Google and I’d be like, ‘OK, how do I register a business?" she added.

Later, she caught the eyes of Christina Milian, who became her first celebrity client. Christina posted pictures on Instagram mentioning Yris’s work which led to her getting more clients.

Subsequently, she coined Star Lash and could work with the likes of Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, and many more.

Yris Palmer is bestie to Kylie Jenner

While Yris started her lash extensions business, she managed to field Kylie Jenner as one of her high-profile clients.

Subsequently, the duo developed a fondness for each other. Currently, Yris and Kylie seem to be inseparable best-friends celebrating every occasion together.


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In an interview with In The Know in 2020,  Yris revealed in an interview that her daughter Ayla Yris Palmer and Kylie’s daughter Stormi Webster are also friends. 

Yris Palmer Is Currently Dating A Basketball Player

Yris Palmer has been romantically active with Denver Nugget's Troy Daniels after meeting him at a party through high-profile mutual friends such as Anastasia Karanikalaou and Kyle Kuzma. Daniels has a daughter Amian Daniels and a son from his previous relationship. 


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Previously in 2016, she had gotten married to soccer player Staforde Palmer after dating him for five years in a long-distance relationship.

The couple had an unexpected pregnancy with their daughter Ayla Yris Palmer the following year. The pair eventually separated privately. She co-parents their daughter together with her ex-husband.