Take a Break; Ten Best Excuses To Get Out Of Your Work Today!

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Take a Break; Ten Best Excuses To Get Out Of Your Work Today!

What are excuses?

From time to time we all look up for excuses to skip work, college, meetings and even to avoid customers, dates and parties. Excuses are the reasons and explanations to get a day off or vanish for a few hours.  

Sometimes the reasons are genuine and truthful, but at times, it can be downright white lies, eyewash or plain trickery, There are times when we want to call in sick at the office although we are perfectly fine.

It is just the blues that everyone gets once in a while. There are days when we just don't seem to be able to drag ourselves out of bed and are not just up for attending our work or school or meetings or parties or other commitments, mentally or physically.

But our employers and principals would not accept our inability to rise from the bed as a valid reason for taking a day off. So we resort to over-the-top excuses which carry the risk of catching our bluff.

According to the former US president, Barack Obama:

"Excuses are the tools of the incompetent, used to bulld bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness."

But Obama's definition of the excuse is obviously a huge one, and he is clearly alluding to something bigger than just skipping a day's work or vanishing for a few hours.  

Understandably, use of excuses is not limited only to the workplace. But excuses could have swift unpleasant consequences in other areas such as missing out on an important meeting with a customer or even a new date. 

Excuses for Missing Work

Of course, very often we would have a legitimate reason to take a day off. It could be a splitting headache, a cramp in the stomach or a thigh, stubborn dust in an eye or a sprain in the leg from morning jogging. Or, it could be plain indolence.

Genuine or not, we need to use our tack to make a sick excuse or other work excuses for missing work.

Need a day off from work? What are the best excuses to get out of work?

Read on to find out ten best credible and innocuous work excuses to wriggle out of work on a drab day. But for your own credibility, however, use them sparingly and don't make a habit of it. 

Ten Best Excuses to Get Out of Work

1. Appointment, for example, with a lawyer as an excuse

We have appointments all the time. It could be with our lawyer or a school principal or a doctor, which usually requires us to skip a day off. 

2. Babysitter problems

For people with children, a no-show of the babysitter can be a problem warranting forced homestay.  

3. Car troubles

Car trouble can force people to take a day off (Photo credit: raggletag.deviantart.com)

Car trouble on a commute to the office can genuinely force someone to take a day off for towing the car to a garage for repair.

4. A child has to get a physical

Children fall sick without notice, and we are forced to break from work to get them a physical check-up.

5. Colonoscopy 

Caption: Colonoscopy preparation

Photo credit: vehal.ru

Colonoscopy can easily eat up a full day. It needs to be done to cleanse the body. Our bodies are susceptible to colon cancer. 

6. New Baby in the family

We need to take a day off to welcome a new baby, who can arrive without advance notice on the exact date.

7. A migraine

A migraine can be a real pain in the head that needs cooling off before we can start work again.

8. Illness

We can fall ill without notice. We can have a sudden stomach cramp, drop in or shoot-up in our blood pressure. Illness can swoop upon us at any time.

9. Family emergency

There can be a family emergency at any time. For example, a family member slipping on a banana peel or even suddenly dying.

10. Family illness 

It is also normal to have a child or elderly parents or even spouses to fall ill suddenly, which requires a day off for taking care of them.

All the above reasons are legitimate and honest enough to earn a day off provided one, or most of them are not a habitual weakness. Also while requesting for a day off, it is better to be succinct without going into elaborate details which will give the impression as if we are trying to cook something.