Where Does Fiji Water Come From? Exclusive Wiki, Benefits, Price

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Where Does Fiji Water Come From? Exclusive Wiki, Benefits, Price

Water has always been an absolute necessity. Without the existence of it, life is impossible.

The Earth is comprised of a total volume of 333 million cubic miles of water, which is 71 % of the whole surface of the Earth. Even the human body is roughly 2/3 portion water. Try to live without water, and you will not survive for more than four days.

In a world - where life is so dependent on water, the amount of fresh water to sustain the human body falls short in comparison to the amount available in the world. Almost 97.5 % of the water found on Earth is salt water, while only 2.5 % is fresh water. Even among the drinkable water, only 0.3 % is found in its liquid form.

Due to the scarcity of freshwater, many companies have developed and monetized the resource.

Now in the 21st century, many provide the water through branded names. Such is the case of Fiji water, a renowned branded company that sells freshwater to the entire world.

What Is Fiji Water & Where Does Fiji Water Come From?

Available in 1.5-liter, 1 liter, 700 ml, 500 ml, and 330 ml bottles, Fiji is a brand bottled water straight from the South Pacific country of Fiji.

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For those - who do not know about this miracle in a bottle, the water is considered a luxury product that the Fiji Water LLC company produces. The company was established in the year 1996 with the motion to share the quality water with the entire world.

On display the product: Fiji Water (Photo: store.fijiwater.com)

As of now, the company exports the product in over 60 countries across the globe.

Who Owns Fiji Water?

The multinational company is owned by Lynda Resnick and Stewart Resnick. A couple, they bought the company in 2004 and have remained as the owner of Fiji Water LLC.

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However, a Canadian man named David Gilmour initially founded the company.

A traveler of sorts since his childhood, he developed a taste for exotic water. Dealing with the production and distribution of freshwater his entire life, in 1995, he established a premium brand company of Fiji Water under the name Nature's Best. He then changed it to Natural Waters of Viti Limited.

The same year, the Fiji Water brand was created, and the company received a 99-year-lease for the water from the government of Fiji.

Wiki Of The Water: Price & Benefit

On the market value of the brand, Fiji water costs from $2.38 to $ 2.99, depending upon the store at which it is being sold. A full list of the amount and its net prices are given on the image below.

Fiji Water all prices (Photo: walmart.com)

On the benefit of the branded water, here are a few

  • Fiji water benefits your skin, keeps you hydrated and balances your electrolyte levels.
  • The nutritional value is very high.
  • A significant advantage is that it's lower in contaminants than tap water.
  • Keep's the human body hydrated.