How To Get Into Ketosis Fast | Answer's Here

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How To Get Into Ketosis Fast | Answer's Here

If diet plans had a popularity chart, Ketosis fast would top the list. The most talked-about diet plan, Ketosis is followed by A-list actors to Instagram influencers across the globe as the moolah around the “it” diet is not so hard to decipher as it seems. 

Although the word ketosis sounds complicated, it happens in our body all the time. It is merely a metabolic process the human body goes through when there is a scarcity of carbohydrates in the system.

One may go through ketosis when exercising for a long time, fasting or during pregnancy. The question that arises is; if ketosis occurs naturally how come people are still gaining weight or how is the ketosis fasting relevant at all?

How To Get into Ketosis Fast?

The science behind ketosis fasting is utilizing the body’s natural tendency to burn fats in the absence of carbohydrate in the body. When there is a scarcity of carbohydrate, our body is forced to utilize fat to generate energy. 

However, to get on with it, one needs to follow some basic rules.

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First of all, you need to cut down carbohydrate considerately from your diet. Generally, healthy people go into ketosis fasting in 3-4 days after they eat 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. An example of less carb food includes three slices of bread, a cup of low-fat fruit yogurt, or two small bananas.

 A Keto diet; porchetta and egg sandwich without the sandwich and salmon without the toast (Photo: Anthony Gustin)

Also, you need to add high-quality fats into your diet. High-quality fats, also known as keto diet, include coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, fatty meats, egg yolks and plant fats like avocados, olives or coconut butter. Such fats speed up the process of getting into ketosis.

Another rule would be adding intermittent fasting to speed up the keto process. According to the experts, intermittent fasting along with ketosis fasting can aid weight loss and fat loss.

Besides controlling the diet and adding supplements, one need to add exercise daily. Increase in physical activity will help burn glycogen (broken down version of carbohydrate in the body), thus aiding in the process of ketosis.

Tips For Sticking to Ketosis Fasting

It can be hard to follow the ketosis fasting, but you have to look at the greater good of sticking to it; healthy and fit body.

The first tip would be to find a keto diet recipe and keto friendly food in the pantry. Make sure they are accessible, so you do get tempted towards carbs food.

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Likewise, putting together keto snacks for eating at home and while on the go would be another good idea to stick to the low-carb diet.

With keto following customers on the rise, many restaurants serve keto-friendly food. If you end up in a restaurant where such facility is not available; you can always order a burger with a bun, unsweetened beverages, and salad without dressing.

While Ketosis helps in weight loss and maintaining a fit stature, it's fasting is not suitable for pregnant women and children. Even adult, who are trying to follow this diet, should consult their dietician for the best and safe results.