How To Live A Stress-Free Life:Tips For Happy And Stress-Free Life

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How To Live A Stress-Free Life:Tips For Happy And Stress-Free Life

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not.             -Valerie Bertinelli

Life is filled with full of ups and downs. Along with happiness and opportunities, some situation of life gives us stress too. Some stress helps us to achieve our goal whereas an excess of same stress can even ruin our life. Stress is created due to negative thoughts or undesirable emotions. Stress may be of different types, and its trigger can also be various. We get stressful when we don’t know how to handle our mind and body. Some people get stressed out due to family problems, some due to problems in relationships/marriage, some due to problems in job/work and financial problems and some due to emotional and physical shock. There are other plenty of causes of stress, and their effects are also numerous. Stress directly or indirectly affects our health and our day-to-day life. One can lead a happy life if he/she is stress-free. In this article, you can find some useful information regarding stress, its causes, signs and some tips to live a stress-free life.

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First, let’s know some causes of stress:

  • Work pressure
  • Problems in relationships/married life
  • Financial problems
  • Health issues
  • Family problems
  • Dissatisfaction with certain aspect of life or people
  • Unable to achieve one's target (for e.g. - If we don’t get our expected job/salary/relationship etc.)
  • Lack of confidence

(And many other things and situations which make us sad and depressed automatically lead to stressed-out life.)

 Tips to Manage Stress

1) Monitor your stress level:

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The first thing you can do to manage your stress is to observe the level of the stress. And you can even evaluate and monitor at what situation you get more stressed out. By monitoring stress, you can gradually learn to get the exact point which has caused the stress and further you can manage it.

2) Find out the main cause of your stress:

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Stress might be caused due to various reasons (some of its causes have already been mentioned above). So, you should be able to find out the main cause for you to get tensed and stressed out and discover what is bothering your mind and body. By finding out the major stress triggers and by getting to its root we can easily tackle with stress related problems. So, first, the reason behind your stress should be clear.

3) Make your mindset clear:

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We get stressed when we cannot handle our mind and emotions properly. When we give rise to negative and depressing thoughts, we create stress out of it, and later chaos is created. So to manage stress you have to make your mindset clear. You have to ask yourself, What I want?, What am I doing?, Am I correct? Why am I so depressed? By doing these questions to yourself, you can be aware of your situation and later one by one you can try to get the answer to these questions, and you can gradually manage your stress.

4) Know what you want and do accordingly:

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Sometimes we cannot know what we want, and we take tension and get disturbed without any particular reason. Some people cannot say ‘No’ to others and do things which they don’t like to do. We should sometimes learn to take a stand of our own and understand and work according to our instinct. For example-If you do not want to work in certain office due to some reasons, then you should take the decision of quitting the job or at least try to talk about your problem to your boss rather than getting sad and depressed. And to take this decision you have to know what you want and do accordingly.

5) Talk to friends or specialists:

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When we keep some pain or problems in our heart for long, then it can come out later in a more problematic way. Communication is essential as it can help us to express and share our feelings and if we are stressed then we can share our emotions and feelings to someone who is close to us, or we can even consult a counselor who can listen to our problem and help us reduce our stress by counseling us.

6) Eat correct and Control over your bad eating habits:

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Eating right is very important if we are trying to manage stress as when we get stressed our blood-pressure rises. We get lazy, depressed when we are stressed and to lessen all these symptoms, we have to eat healthy foods like- vegetables, fruits, etc. To decrease stress, we should totally reduce the intake of alcohol, junk foods and oily foods and we should have control over smoking habits.

7) Meditate and do Yoga:

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Meditation and yoga soothes and relaxes our mind and body. We should take out time from our daily schedule to meditate and to do yoga. Daily we should spend some time in exploring the nature and spend some time alone. All these things altogether relax us and make us happy from inside. Sometimes observing the nature can soothe our pain and lessen our stress.

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8) Take enough sleep:

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Enough sleep is needed to tackle with stress problems. Sleeping from 7-8 hours is necessary for adults as when we sleep our body and mind get relaxed, and sleep helps in healing our pain, and it helps us to reduce stress to some extent. It provides us energy and power to tackle with the stressful days.

9) Try to be happy and Celebrate small success (Enjoy yourself)

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In our hectic life sometimes we totally forget to enjoy and have some fun time with our close ones or with ourselves.  We should always celebrate even small happiness or success of our life, and this will give us energetic boost and pleasure. Being happy and avoiding stress can make us stress-free and rejuvenated.

10) Get busy in some work:

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We all know that “An Idle mind is devil’s workshop” so we should always get busy in certain work so that we don’t get a chance to create negative thoughts in our mind. Negative thoughts are directly related to stress and to avoid stress we can make ourselves busy and occupied in certain work. If we aren’t busy we might feel alone and we might start thinking about all bad stuff, so we always have to engage ourselves in some work to get rid of stress.

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Some symptoms of Stress

  •  A severe headache
  • Pain in muscles and neck
  • Laziness and dizziness
  • Sleepless nights
  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Increase in anger
  • Depression
  • Overeating or Under-eating etc

Everyone wishes for a stress-free life as stress hinders our physical, emotional, economic and social development. It is not so hard to manage stress if we try to bring positive changes in our lifestyles. We have to eat right and think positive to reduce stress from our life. A stress-free life is more precious than any other things in the world, and we can reduce stress from our life by learning to manage our body, mind, thoughts and emotions in a balanced way.