How To Make Perfect Old Fashioned At Your Home: Best Cocktails For Men And Women

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How To Make Perfect Old Fashioned At Your Home: Best Cocktails For Men And Women

With so many techniques of the cocktail invention in the present modern era, there exist still several people who highly prefer the old fashioned way of making a cocktail which has been in practice nearly since 130 years. The old fashion concept is wholly attributable and gives you a prominent taste of booze rather than of any other fancy flavors or fruit juice. The Old fashioned drink seeks for no gender and has gotten equally and mightily preferred by both men and women irrespective of the fact that the drinker is a whiskey devotee or a cocktail fan.

The following are the recipe and blizzard guidelines of the best  A-one cocktails in the most traditional and classic manner. 

 1) The Archetypal Ingredients:

For the famous brand, what you need is a whiskey, teaspoon of sugar, angostura bitters and orange peel to garnish at the end of the drink. For making your cocktail grab the classic taste one must muddle sugar and Angostura in a  chilled glass by dashing a little water. In the prepared mixture, add whiskey, ice cubes and stir to bring the alcohol to a steady temperature for nearly about 15-20 seconds.

Caption: Orange Archetypal mixed cocktail punch

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Repeat the same procedure of adding bourbon and ice till it gives you a diluted taste. For the citric taste in the cocktail, garnish only the drink with the orange peel and then serve till the peel fully gets observed and starts to express with the drink. The drink can get served with variants of bourbons giving it a unique taste while if you have a sweet tooth one can add more pleasing elements in the same procedure and Serve it chilled!

2) Behind The Time's Bourbon:

The mix and match concept in the formation of a cocktail often becomes a show stopper. Mixing the bourbon with the archetypal ingredients brings in the deeper taste of alcohol for the big alcohol fan. Behind the time's recipe was originally shown on the television show “Mad Men” by host Don Draper. Since then the drink is also known as the “Don Draper Old Fashioned.”  The stuff which you require while the formation of the drink is bourbon, sugar, angostura bitters, orange wheel, Maraschino cherry, and soda.

Caption:"Don Draper Old Fashioned" famous after the show "Mad Men."


After gathering the element muddle sugar, angostura, orange wheel, cherry and soda in a hard rock glass for nearly 20 seconds. Fill in the glass with bourbon and ice cubes followed by the fresh orange wheel and cherry. If you want your drink to be more diluted one can add soda instead of water and enjoy the old fashioned cocktail.

3) The Typical Americano:

For the Americano simply take a glass, add honey or maple to taste and add aromatic bitters for the stronger taste in your cocktail. With a measure of 2 0z, add a straight ray whiskey or brandy. After integration of all the elements take a look at the glass and taste it. Check your kind of drink hard or light, and accordingly, one can add additional items of ice, citrus acids like lemon or orange and rinse properly to get the most varied taste of the old classic ingredients.

Caption: The famous "Old Americano" served in the countryside of USA

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For the larger quantity, one can repeat the same process and can further try by introducing the fruit elements of grapes or strawberry for the more tamed drink.

4) Retro Cocktails:

The retro fusion in the cocktails has a broad range of variants which are highly suitable for the females who are a bit seasoned drinker and wants to keep them in a lighter mode. The introduction of millionaire cocktail invites the elements of Jin, apricot brandy followed by a Jamaican rum.

Caption: "Millionaire Cocktail" filled with apricot brandy and rum

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Similarly transfusing the gin with orange bitters and apricot makes a great punch while adding cream and chocolates in the drink with vodka makes the drink more feminine and desirable.

5) The Vintage Punch:

The high glass filled in with cracked ice rocks and blended with vintage punch has never spared from becoming a popular drink in the lady’s territory and at men’s tribe. Inculcating the charms of the poured elements the cocktail glass has never led down their lovers. For the vintage punch what you require is a lime juice, grapefruit juice, SC Demerara Syrup, natural apricot, aged rum and Angostura bitters.

Caption: Demerara syrup on the hard rock ice "Vintage Punch"

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In a glass pour the ice cubes along with the Demerara syrup and allow the combination to blend well. After 20 seconds of mixing in a mixer grinder add aged rum, bitters, apricot, grapefruit, syrup as per your taste and mix well. Immediately pour the mixture into your glass filled with ice rock and allow it to settle properly. The vintage punch is ready to serve by squeezing a bit of lime juice for more acidic taste.

The “old fashioned drink” got designed for the ones who are in tremendous love with whiskey. The cocktail is prepared in the same old traditional manner keeping the flavors intact and out bursting the solid content of whiskey. In the late era, men mostly preferred to drink more dilute drink and get boozed while women preferred for softer liquor. The invention of old tradition drink has allowed both the genre to take the benefit of a versatile form of whiskey and bourbon. This cocktail concept still prevails in the Scotland and in the countryside of America where whiskey got served in a more fascinated way.


Caption: How To Make Perfect Old Fashioned At Your Home.