How to Find a Perfect Life-partner

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We make many decisions in life but choosing an ideal life-partner is one of the most important decisions we can ever make in our life. Life gets completed when we marry anyone and live a successful married life with them. But if we fail to choose a perfect life-partner then we might have to face lots of problems in our married life and have a complicated relationship status. A partner should be the one who can understand our feelings and with whom we can spend rest of our life happily. A loving and caring partner can give us all the happiness of the world and on the other hand, if we fail to choose a good partner then we might have to face lots of difficulties in our life. So, before selecting a life-partner we have to be very wise and careful. Some of the things that we should consider before choosing a perfect life-partner for us are briefly discussed below:
How to Find a Perfect Life-partner

“When I first saw you I saw something that is still fascinating me, your eyes, that’s why I love to watch them constantly, your love makes me so happy.” Don’t you think it is a great quote to inspire you to seek for a right life partner? 

Among the decisions we make in our life, choosing an ideal life-partner is certainly the most important one.  Life is complete when we marry the right someone, if we fail to do so we may have to face a lot of problems. Right life partner is the key to a successful married life.

 Life-partner should be the one who understands us and gives us the care and attention we deserve. So, before selecting a life-partner we have to be very wise and careful. Some things to be considered before choosing the right life-partner are briefly discussed below:

1) Know yourself properly and be determined in your decision to be in relationship:


Before the search, we should understand our own personality. Knowing what kind of a person we are helps us in sketching out the qualities and abilities that we desire from the life partner we want.  We should know the aim of our life and what sort of partner we want.  We can then imagine our ideal features and create a sketch of the right partner.

2) Do not flow with emotions but use your mind:


Some people are getting into relationships by completely following their heart.  Later when they do not get what they had expected from their partner then they start to take the whole relationship negatively. . Such a delicate decision of choosing a life-partner should be taken very wisely, using our brain.

3) Do not get attracted by external qualities but focus on internal qualities:


We should base the decision of getting married to someone on their inner qualities rather than physical appearance.  All of our external qualities such as our beauty, our job, our money, our fame etc. fade with time but our inner qualities never fade away. So, we should focus on the internal beauty of a person with whom we are thinking to spend our whole life.

4) Choose a partner who has similar likes/dislikes and similar habits that you have:

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Life is a long journey, we must make sure that the person with whom we are going to spend our life must be the right one for us. Couple who has similar interests and choices can understand each other better. So, if we get a chance to choose our partner then we should see if our behavior and thinking patterns are similar to them or not. If our behavior and thinking pattern are different then we might be unhappy. However, if our thoughts match with our partner then we can live happily.

5) See if he/she respects you and your ambition or not:


Respect is the foundation of every relationship. Respect brings trust and understanding in a relationship. We should always search this quality in our partner. A partner who respects us, our family, emotions and work can be categorized as an excellent partner. If a person does not respect us and keeps on humiliating us or our work, then such a person is not fit to be our life-partner.

6) Know how they are in their personal life and with their families:


Before marrying someone we should know how the particular person behaves with his/her family and friends or what sort of person he/she is in their real life. We should try to figure out the real side of him/her.

7) See the activities he/she does in social networking sites:


We can monitor our potential life partner with the help of social networking sites. We can become friends with them in social networking sites and see their posts, recent or past activities. This helps us to know what kind of person he/she is. Although we can’t develop a full perspective on our potential life partner by merely checking them in social media, nonetheless it is useful for us to form a basic opinion on them.

8) Know about their past relationship:


Before deciding to get in a relationship with someone, it is important to know about their past relationships. If that person has been in relationship before we can acknowledge that and move on. If there is something suspicious we should clarify the suspicion before getting involved. This helps to clear all doubts from our mind.

9) Know their education  and other qualifications:


In today’s world education matters a lot. If we are in search for a right partner then we must check their education qualification as well. An educated person can manage family and understand the needs and wants of their partner without much difficulty. If we are educated then it’s normal for us to expect the same from our partner, if not highly educated person then at least a person who has the ability to make an independent living.

10)   Ask his/her friends about them:


Before making a decision on our life-partner, it is better to know basic things about that particular person. We can use help from his/her friend circle or colleagues. We can even see what kind of friend circle they have to have in-depth knowledge about them.

11) See if they care for  you and treat you well:


Another quality we can look for in our life-partner is that person’s behavior towards us. If they are caring and treat everyone well within and out then we can take them as a good partner. Care is essential in love, but we should be able to differentiate if it’s real or fake.

12) Try to know about his/her both good and bad habits:


Love is blind, so at times we fail to see the bad side our partner’s habits, especially in the beginning when we are head over heels in love with them. Later on, this makes us regret the entire decision. This happens because we ignore the bad habits in the beginning. Therefore, we should identify all the habits, whether good or bad  of our partner before being in a relationship with them.

13) Tell about them to your family and friends:


.We should never delay in sharing our feelings with family and close friends. If we are planning to be in a relationship with someone then we should inform our family and friends. Family and friends are of great help in this matter.

14) Approach them:


Later if the potential life partner matches the type we are looking for, only then we should approach them.