New Era In Android World. Why "Android N" Is Better Than Its Previous Versions?

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New Era In Android World. Why "Android N" Is Better Than Its Previous Versions?

Android N is Google’s latest phone and tablet operating system update. It is the upgraded version of the Android Marshmallow. Google has certainly surprised all its users with the extemporaneous pronouncement of the Android N Developer Preview. It is also assumed that Android N might also be the early version of Android 7 which would be released later this year. Google claims that it has worked on improving and enhancing the storage space for Android and a new Operating System (OS). A variety of enhanced and modified applications can also be found in this version of Android.

Google has worked on improving mainly the below-mentioned features:

  1. Performance: Google has added a new JIT compiler. It has improved the Androids’ Performance. Apps will be installed up to 75 percent faster and the compiler code is reduced by 50 percent.
  2. Security: By working on the file-based encryption, media framework hardening, and seamless updates, the security has been increased.
  3. Productivity: Double tapping the recent apps button can help the users switch between the apps quicker. There is also the installation of a Clear All button.
  4. Seamless Updates: This is one of the best features that Google has worked upon. In the seamless update, Android N will automatically download and install any of the Android updates in a secondary partition. That means the users are freed from manually downloading and installing the updates, and there is no need to reboot the device for the updates to work.
  5. New Folder Icons: The looks of the icons are changed. However, they do not have any functionality significance. 

Typical User-Friendly Features

All the features that would be provided on the final OS are not included in the Developer Preview. Only some features are there in the Developer Preview. Moreover, all the features that are provided in the release of Android N Developer Preview may not be featured in the final version.

The newly embedded features apart from the previous versions are discussed below:

i. Menu between the system settings:

A new menu button, named as the Hamburger Menu Button, has been added in the system settings. The icon has three lines, symbolizing the three layers in a Hamburger. This feature allows the users to quickly jump to other system options without exiting the currently working menu.


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ii. Message Reply from Notification Bar:

When a message notification pops up, the users can directly reply from the notification bar. There is no need to close the apps to get to messages, or even unlock the phones.

iii. Multi-window mode:

Google has been trying and experimenting hard in order to bring a native and multitasking system to Android. This function, however, was omitted from Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google now seems to jump further with Android N, enabling this feature.

In this feature, the users can specify a minimum resizable size of the app, and hence can use more than one app on a single platform.



iv. New Notifications Panel:

The notification panel in Android N is completely new with new designs and alignments. Icons that are above the notification panel are more prominent, and there is a dropdown toggle on far right to expand the panel.


v. Enhanced Doze Mode:

Doze mode refers to the energy saving mode. This feature is also been redeveloped. Previously, the battery would be saved only when the phone was completely undisturbed for a long time: for example when the user sleeps and does not operate the phone for a long time. But the new enhanced Doze mode saves the phone’s energy or battery anytime when the screen is turned off. However, the system has yet to be examined thoroughly to discover the impact on energy consumption.

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Here’s how Google puts the Android N updates:

Android N also adds some important new features to help keep users safer and more secure. Inspired by how Chrome books apply updates, we're introducing seamless updates, so that new Android devices built on N can install system updates in the background. This means that the next time a user powers up their device, new devices can automatically and seamlessly switch to the new updated system image.


The above-explained features are the new features that are rooted in the latest version of Android: Android N. These features are the updated versions of the previously developed ones. These new and enhanced features will help the users for a smooth and satisfying experience for using Android. 

The difference between Android N (N) ,Android 6 (Marshmallow) and Android 5.1 (Lollipop)

I have provided a simple tabular difference between Android N and the previous versions of Androids. For the previous versions, I have selected Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and Android 5.1 (Lollipop).

Here can see it.

For furthermore comparisons between all the previous versions of Androids, you can visit the site here.

11 ways Android N is better than Android Marshmallow:

Here is the list of about 11 features that are upgraded and a lot better in Android N than Android Marshmallow. There are only the summarized points in the list below. For full details, CLICK HERE:

i. Split-Screen

ii. More informative and powerful notifications

iii. A ton of user-tweakable UI settings

iv. Night Mode

v. DPI Scaling

vi. Emergency Information

vii. Quick app switch, AKA Alt+Tab for Android

viii. More informative Settings

ix. No more ‘Optimizing Apps’ after an update and much faster app installs

x. Custom Quick Settings tiles

xi. Android is built for the power user again

Google has announced the launching of Android N quite dramatically. So, how is the public reaction on this ? 

Here, let us have a look at some of the tweets regarding the release of Android N:

Android N is available on any of the Nexus phones for now. Later on, after the final improvement, Android N might be renamed to Android 7.0 and be available for updates on all the android phones.

In conclusion, the advanced and edited features are the only reason "Android N" is better than its previous versions. The users will find it easier and interesting to work out with the newly developed features.