Awesome Tips To Build Successful Business - 6 Ideas And Strategies

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Awesome Tips To Build Successful Business - 6 Ideas And Strategies

There are several ideas and strategies to build a successful business. Then there are tips to implement them. 

For sure, people interested in building their business must carefully work on their ideas and strategies before taking a fair dive.  

Keep reading on to acquaint yourself with the right information and knowledge to build a successful business!

6 The Commandment of Business: Ideas and Strategies

What makes a business click? What are those ideas and strategies? What are the tips? Can adequate partner and capital turbo-boost your business?

Setting proper goal, first logical step to build a successful business (Photo:

Here are the 6 ideas and strategies for creating a successful business.  

1. Set a goal 

You must set a goal to build a business. A goal could be based on both long-term and short-term strategies. Here are the steps to set a goal. 


Perform a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis test of your business. This test will give you a proper assessment of your business Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats in totality.

Strength could be a prime location with ample parking space. Weakness could be poor managerial skills. Opportunities could be a spurt in demand for your products and Threats could range from competition to government regulations.  

b. Benchmarking

Research similar or identical businesses in the location to ascertain industry averages on income and expenses since it is essential to continually size yourself up against your competition to reconcile your income and expenses.  

c. Market research

Research for customer needs, trends, changes in the market and technology.

Consumer tastes, income, needs, and wants change constantly. It is important to be abreast with these changes to offer consumers what they want.

Market research will fill you in on the current consumer trends and behaviors.

d. Set SMART

This is one of the best tests to monitor tangible progress in your business.

- Specific - what is to be achieved

- Measurable - keep it measurable to track success 

- Achievable - availability of time, money and resources to meet

- Relevant - increasing profit, hiring more staff and raising brand awareness

- Timely - realistic deadline for the goal or completing the objectives

Each letter of the acronym addresses the specific goal and availability of resources to execute a plan of action required to achieve the goal on time. 

e. Write a business strategy plan :

A business plan for a long or short-term (for small businesses) is an indispensable manual that must include the following:

- executive summary

- company description - brand and uniqueness

- market analysis audience and competition

- company structure

- marketing and sales strategies

- financial projection 

f. Make an action plan

Lastly, devise an action plan based on your business strategy. A clear, concise strategy document is the first step to building a successful business.

2. Timing 

Time is an overriding factor for business success. You not only need to be aware of the products in demand but also you need to keep a grasp on several consumer sentiments on ethics, environment, popular opinion as well as other constraints. 

- Scan and research for market trends - skinny or lose jeans; luxury or budget airlines

- Be aware of prevalent ethical, legal implication & stay clear - opposition against fur, profanity, racial slur, LGTB

- Consider popular public opinion - politically correct, gender fluid, animal cruelty, etc

- Consider environmental sentiments - reduce or cease using environmental pollutant.

Respect popular sentiments of the time so that a faux pas do not occur while pushing your products. 

3. Experience

Experience is valuable. Get it as an intern, a volunteer or as an employee. 

Knowledge, indispensable for business success

Experience is needed to build up a business. Acquire it from the following:

-  Working as an employee

-  Education

-  Regular studies

-  Internship

-  Volunteer 

Hiring experienced staff can solve the problems of inexperience. But you may want to gain experience first hand to build up a business.   

4. Capital

Capital or money is an essential ingredient to build a successful business venture. It is the most vital pre-condition. 

Capital, pre-condition for business success

Identify the sources of your capital or resources via:

- Personal Saving

- Partners shares

- Investor support

- Bank loans

Luckily, if you have a winning business plan, you could rope in investors for the capital needs.

5. Network

Building successful business is all about working with people. Expand your network.

Networking helps achieve your  business goal

The benefit of people networking is vast and, hence:

- Expand contact

- Develop network

- Seek business referrals

- Gain word-of-mouth publicity

- Make friends

- Keep database

- Send greetings 

All you need to do to develop good networking is to have empathy, a cheerful personality and helpful attitude. Be useful to people that you meet on your way up as you are likely to encounter them on your way down.

6. Be aware of your competition

Always keep a tab on your competition and their activities which affect your business. 

Keeping tab on competitors gives you lead

If you want to remain ahead of your competition, you will need to keep them under your radar.

- Research on their activities, offerings, customers, and prices. 

- Keep pace with market changes 

- Know the trends

- Keep eyes and ears open for ideas and vogues

- Constantly innovate, improvise the quality

- Be competitive without compromising on quality. 

- Remember people are the secret of business success

- Make products and prices people-centric

Your rivals and competition are fighting for the same audience and their money. So monitor their activities closely.  

These tips, ideas and strategies should give you a head start while running your business, but you need to work hard to ensure they bring results. There is no substitute for hard work. And of course, you require being adept at people management.

We should always place people at the center of our success. Then there are good human qualities such as integrity, honesty, truthfulness, perseverance, timeliness, affability, cheerfulness, dedication, innovation, adaptability, and flexibility that you can add in your company's standards and norms to build up a successful business. 

If we put all these great human qualities as the cornerstone of our business ethos, we should be laughing all the way to great success in the business pyramid even if not right at the top, which might perhaps need a lot of help from lady luck. But be sure, nothing is impossible!