Top 5 Most Common Reasons for Divorce And Its Effects On Children

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Top 5 Most Common Reasons for Divorce And Its Effects On Children

When a husband and wife decide to end their marriage by going through some legal procedures along with the decision to live separately, we can regard this as divorce. If one of the partners is not happy with the other one then he/she can also file a divorce case against their partner. Divorce is a complicated phenomenon as it sometimes makes the whole family of the married couples sad and frustrated. None of us get in a marital relationship to get divorced. But sometimes couples have misunderstandings and problems in their relation which compel them to get a divorce. In different countries, different laws are there regarding divorce. Some religion accepts divorce whereas some do not accept it but legal premises of the certain country has made it easy for the people to get a divorce.

1) Information on Alimony:


When going through any divorce cases, alimony payments are done by one of the partners (either husband or wife) whoever earns more or whoever is strong financially than the other one. One of the financially rich partners has to pay some money to their ex-partner as alimony. Alimony payments also vary and law decides about this payment. If the other party does not demand alimony then financially strong party do not have to pay anything. Many laws are there regarding alimony payments which we can know better if we have a lawyer to discuss this matter.

Whenever a married couple feels that they cannot live together with each other any longer they prefer to get divorced. Some of the major causes for divorce are mentioned below:

2) Betrayal:


When one of the partners or both the partner feels that their husband/ wife are cheating on them then they decide to have divorced. Betrayal is one of the main causes for any husband and wife to get separated. No women or no men can see their partner cheating on them and as a result, some of the couples decide to get divorced.

3) Incompatibility:


Another major cause for divorce is an incompatibility between the husband and wife. In lots of cases, we can see that the couple cannot tolerate each other due to lack of compatibility among them. The thing one partner says is not accepted by the other one and these kinds of couples keep on quarreling and further they decide to get separated.

4) Lack of communication:


Sometimes lack of communication among the partners can also be one of the major reasons for divorce. This can happen especially in long-distance marriages where husband and wife live separately for long-time. When there is a communication gap between couples they cannot share their feelings and emotions with each other and they decide to get a divorce.

5) Drinking problems or drug use:


If one of the partners either the husband or wife has drinking problems or if they use drugs then they might start to give mental and physical torture to the other partner. Or sometimes one partner abuses the other one which can be the cause of divorce.

Effects of divorce on Children


Divorce cases are increasing day-by-day and along with it, different families are getting separated. If the divorced couple has no children then there might be fewer problems but if the divorced couples have children then there might arise some big problems regarding issues like parenting and raising the children properly. Research has shown that there might be many negative effects on the children when their parents get divorced. Some of the negative effects are as follows:

If the children of divorced parents are in adolescent age then due to psychological disturbances they might not give proper attention to their studies.

   There is a high chance of these children to get into bad habits in young age.

(But it’s not necessary that only negative effects can be seen in children of divorced parents. As there are many examples where such kids have accepted the situation in a positive way and moved forward in their life without any difficulties. If the children of divorced parents are given good parenting either by their mom or dad they can surely cope up with all the situations and make an excellent career in future.)