Top 5 Skin Care Products Of 2016 For Healthy Skin

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Top 5 Skin Care Products Of 2016 For Healthy Skin

When you first meet a person what catches your eye is their look and personality. When observing the look, we see the person from top to bottom and make a personal judgment within yourself. If we judge others by clothes they wear and the way they look, it's obvious that somebody is judging us for the same thing.

 So today we are bringing in the top 5 skin care products exclusively for women which would allow them to look after their skin without visiting the parlor and is pocket-friendly to them.

1) OLAY Total Effect

Launched by the P&G group, the product is suitable for the age range, i.e., from teenagers in 20’s to adults. Having SPF 15++ the product is useful in preventing sunburn and pigmentation while in winter it prevents dryness and uneven appearances.

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The product got launched to the market for 7 in one benefits. Yes, it is a small bottle filled with a miracle as it radiantly removes the fine lines with wrinkles, reduces uneven skin tone, adds glow on your face, declines pores, finely reduce age spot, retains firmness and moisturizes your skin making it look healthy and flawless.

The product is available in 50 ml, 1.7 fl oz, ranging from $19.99 to $21.99 and is readily accessible in your nearby department stores. I thoroughly think the product is worth investment as it has seven benefits and contains plenty of vitamins like B5, mosturiserB3 and E. Instead of carrying different products like moisturizer, anti aging cream, pore reduction cream, Olay is the best replacement for all of it.

2) Vaseline Intensive Care

Vaseline is the most trusted brand available in the market since 1870. It has successfully remained in the market giving best service to its consumer. Previously launched in the market with its petroleum jelly, today the brand has launched its product portfolio to fulfill the desire of their consumers.


Vaseline has marked its brand image as a wondrous petroleum jelly which helps in moisturizing hands and feets. It contributes to regain the softness and tenderness of the skin by elevating dryness and cracks.

Having remained in the marked for more than 100 years, Vaseline has never compromised anything in the quality of the product. Instead, it has been upgrading the services for the flexibility of the consumer. The lotion and petroleum jelly are easily available in your nearest department stores and is pocket-friendly.

3) Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips, a lip balm allows one to keep their lip moisturized and hydrated in summer as well as in winter. The lip balm is available in deep flavor and if wanted can be replaced for a  lipstick. It can be used for the lip balm purpose as well as for lipstick purpose.

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The lip balm contains Vitamine E which prevents the user from going through lip pigmentation and allow the users to get the bright pink lips. The lip balm from Maybelline comes in different flavor like cherry, candy Wow and much more. The product is readily available in the nearest chemist shop, department store and even in the online store. The price of the product range according to the flavor of the product.

4) Neutrogena Cleanser

Every morning when you get out for work, you would never want to look stale and walk around the street. You would want to look every morning from Monday to Friday even if you laze around in the weekend.

So for every new morning, I prefer and would recommend Neutrogena products for your skin. The face wash unclogs your pores, deeply rinse your skin and remove all the dirt and your remaining makeup portion from your skin.


Neutrogena has launched a broad range of skin cleaning products in the market so according to the skin type and desired; you can purchase the morning cleanser, ongoing cleanser, and the daytime cleanser.

The product is easily available in the department stores and Wal-marts without having to throw thousand of bucks.

5) Mederma Scar Cream

Mederma Scar Cream manufactured by Merz Pharmaceuticals has been a boon for the one’s who has a scar on their skin. The cream can do wonders for the new scar and even for the old scar. The cream lightens the dark spot of the skin which would help to lighten the place.


Mederma is the doctor recommended product for the acne, scar and has SPF 30 which protects the skin from the scorching sun. It is available in any of the chemist store, Wal-mart and one can even order it online for around $13.

Well, there are plenty of skin care products available in the market, and I have written about the products whom I trust and have been giving an out- standing service to its consumers without any additional side effects. When choosing the skin care product one should first identify their skin type and accordingly make use of the product while they can also take help from the dermatologist and therefore use the product. Followingly one can also go for home remedies instead of using cosmetics products in their skin if their skin can't adapt cosmetic on their skin.