Top Five Guideline To Make A Relationship Last Forever

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Top Five Guideline To Make A Relationship Last Forever

We all know the fact that nothing in this universe is everlasting, it all ends in a certain way someday. All we can do is protect it with our effort so it doesn’t fade away before our mind and heart start getting a glimpse of hope and attachment from it. Relationships are the same, it needs protection and therefore, you need to be its savior. You need to guide your relationship from various ups and downs, various external and internal struggles; and you need to know a lot about How to maintain a healthy relationship. Relationships are very fragile, it may be effortless to start a bond, but is always a tough journey to maintain it.

So, if you are into a kind of relationship that you are very keen to live the future together, you are looking forward to challenging any difficulties that come and go towards your path, then here are the Top Five Guidelines to Make Your Relationship Last Forever, these guidelines will ensure you, your eternity in a relationship. There may be vast “to do and not to do list” written in relationship articles which will confuse you, you don’t need to be confused in every detail provided in the articles. Here I present you simple yet amazing things you could follow to keep the sparks in your relationship sparkle.

1. Be Honest

A lie can break your trust into millions of pieces, and a broken trust cannot and will never be mended back to the same as it was, there will be scratch leftover. You may lie your way out to avoid a conflict, but remember a lie leads to another lie, and surely one day it’ll become your habit. And your hope of building an honest relationship will just be your hope.  Being honest is not always easy, it takes courage to speak the truth, by speaking the truth you may or will hurt your partner feelings, and you may disappoint him/her to the level where they were never hurt before. Be sorry for it, make sure to never repeat the things you did again, you partner will surely forgive and forget; most importantly when your partner sits alone thinking about you, he/she will smile and be happy about your honesty and love and trust you much more.

Make sure whatever you share with your partner is your honesty because a dishonest person will never be satisfied with an honest answer. Being Honest in other words simply means sharing anything without hesitation, editing of dialogues.

2. Make time for each other

Hey, how was your day? What are you doing now or planning to do later? This type of question will always make you feel closer to each other on a daily basis. Don’t ever make an excuse like sorry I am busy; I haven’t got any time to talk to you lately. Your partner and you need to keep communicating to make your relationship work. At least separate 15 minutes of your busy schedule to each other to talk about your day and important stuff. The more things you will share the more close you will become, you will know your partner better and will experience his/her life in his/her way. A simple message saying I am thinking about you will surely divert his/her attention for a moment towards you. They will feel valued and loved. If you are creating gaps in your communication, gods forbid but they will be someone out there fulfilling the gaps.

3. Learn to Compromise

A relationship is where two people combine into one, in words of poetry two souls become one. So obviously there will be a clash of thoughts and conflicts in interest. Two people can never have cent percent similarity in opinion. Souls may unite into one but two minds as laws of the universe cannot be one. Therefore at times, one needs to suppress their feeling for another for the good sake of a relationship. The feeling of win-lose should be neglected. You may win a fight but will lose a relationship. So, learn to compromise for the sake of happiness. Compromises don’t mean that you are lowering your standards; it means that you are being a bigger person who values relationships goals more than your self-interests. Can a relation sustain without compromises, no it never can. What you do is what you will receive, act first someday out of nowhere your partner will surely follow the steps that you paved.

4. Be Sorry

The mistake happens, knowingly or unknowingly your action may hurt your partner feelings. In a relationship no matter how hard to try not to expect from you partner, it's auto generates in your heart. When the expectations are not met, the feeling of disappointment occurs. You have to realize the fact that your partner is disappointed by you and your action not in you. So instead of explaining the logical explanation of your action, just take a time off and realize that you love by your heart, not by your minds. So, the heart doesn’t understand the language of logic, it’s pure and simple like a child’s mind. Love makes you childish. Be the one who takes the initiatives. Be sorry, win her heart back show that you love them and when their heartbeats back to normal then slowly explain the reasons with love. They’ll understand. This will also help you diminish your ego, ultimately you and your relationship will be benefited.

5. Think before you react

At times, in every relationship fight are meant to happen. Fights subconsciously strengthen your relationship to a different level, if you argue right. You only argue with people who you feel close to, you don’t argue your feelings with a stranger. So, take it positively. Moments do frequently occur where your feeling gets neglected, both of your expectation doesn’t meet or your partner does not realize that you are hurt. When you are hurt but your partner doesn’t realize it, that’s the most painful thing to ever experience.

So, thing definitely will heat up to a level where turning back will make you feel a looser and going forward will ruin your relation. You will speak a word that comes in your mouth; everything you say will make you feel justified. But you got to realize that words will be stitched deep inside forever, which will haunt your partner time and again.

Moreover, argument generally grows because you want you feeling to be solved right now, no matter what cost, what consequence you both will face in times to come doesn’t come under the questions. All you want is to get it solved right now. Take a break; walk away from the argument, the want to get it solved right now will only make it worse. Cool yourself and think about the argument, feel your feelings, understand it. When you come back to your senses, that’s the right moment to go and talk about it. The heated argument will make you lose your mind. Get your mind back to the right place and argue. If not the next time you will be reading stuff like “How to deal with break ups”.