Types Of Guitars: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitars, Magic of Music!

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Types Of Guitars: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitars, Magic of Music!

Guitars are one of the music instruments which have strings that make a beautiful sound which will pleasure our ears. It is an ancient tool which was used for more than decades. The Guitar is used all over the world and also widely used by many singers and music artists. Generally, a guitar has 6 strings and some have 12 strings. It is one of the attractive music instruments. With the help of the strings, various kinds of music can be composed. There are different kinds of music that can be played with the help of the guitars. Some of them are as follows:

  • Classical

  • Metal

  • Folk

  • Rock

  • Country music, etc.

There are many types of the guitar that have its own function and own type of music. Some of the types of guitar can be listed below:

  • Acoustic guitar,
  • Electric guitar,
  • Bass guitars,

Acoustic guitar:

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There are two principle sorts of acoustic guitar - to be specific steel-string acoustic guitars and traditional guitars. Steel-string acoustic guitars create a metallic sound that is a particular segment of an extensive variety of mainstream classifications. Steel-string acoustic guitars are some of the time alluded to as level tops. The word top alludes to the face or front of the guitar which is known as the table. Traditional guitars have a wide neck and utilize nylon strings. They are essentially connected with the playing of the performance traditional guitar collection. Guitars now and then are alluded as Spanish guitars in acknowledgment of their nation source.

Electric guitar:


Electric guitars are strong bodied guitars that are intended to be connected to an intensifier. The electric guitar, when opened up produces a sound that is metallic with a protracted rot. The state of the electric guitar is not dictated by the requirement for a profound reverberating body and this had prompted the improvement of shaped and thin bodied electric guitars. The two most well known as outlines are the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul.

Bass guitar:

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The low pitch guitar has a long neck (scale-length) and thick strings. The open strings of the bass compare to the four most reduced strings of the guitar and are pitched an octave lower. The standard bass has four strings. However, five and six string basses are accessible which develops the scope of the instrument. In spite of the fact that the low register guitar is the bass instrument of the guitar family and the twofold bass is the bass instrument of the symphonic string family their comparative parts have attracted bass players to both instruments.

Besides these types of guitar, there are many others such as rhythm guitar, double neck guitar, lead guitar, etc. Some of the companies that are famous in selling guitar and know all over the world are as follows:

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  • Esp. guitars
  • Fender guitars
  • Jackson guitars
  • Esp. guitar:

Esp. guitars is a Japanese guitar maker, basically centered on the creation of electric guitars and basses. They are situated in both Japan and Los Angeles, California, USA, with two particular product offerings for each separate business sector. ESP Company fabricates instruments under a few names, including "ESP Standard", "ESP Custom Shop", "LTD Guitars and Basses", "Takamine", "Pilot", "Edwards Guitar and Basses", and "Grassroots". Their items range from Japanese-fabricated custom shop instruments to lower end large scale manufacturing Korean, Indonesian and Chinese made instruments.

Fender guitars:

Fender is an American producer of stringed instruments and speakers. It is known for its strong body electric guitars and low register guitars, for example, the Stratocaster (otherwise called the "Strat"), Telecaster (otherwise called the "Tele"), Precision Bass, and the Jazz Bass. Its central command is in Scottsdale, Arizona. The organization, already named the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, was established in Fullerton, California, by Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender in 1946.

Jackson guitars:

Grover Jackson acquired proprietorship in Charvel's Guitar Repair of Glendora, California in the 1970's with a protection to support Charvel's business. Wayne Charvel finally sold his avidness to Grover Jackson on November 10, 1978, which gave Jackson control of the business and the Charvel name