What Is Lyme Lyme Disease? Effects Of Lyme Disease In Children And In Dogs

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What Is Lyme Lyme Disease? Effects Of Lyme Disease In Children And In Dogs

Every year doctors and researchers come across diseases both curable and non-curable. Regular common cold and cough disease can get cured while there are few diseases like Aids and final stages of cancer whose cures are simply far from the reach of the medical science.

So, What is Lyme disease?  Lyme disease is a disease caused by the Borelia type bacteria which starts to appear after two weeks of its occurrence the disease can get treated by using antidotes within a week or two only after it gets processed within 48 hours.

So, today for the knowledgeable purpose we bring in the signs and effects of the disease in children and dog.

Symptoms of Lyme disease!

After the tick bite of the insect, it takes about a week to show the signs of Lyme disease. The bite invites a rash on a children body which is neither itchy nor painful. The first signs that a person usually faces are fever, headache, and dizziness. If the insect sting is not treated further, it invites additional symptoms like stiff neck with a severe headache and heart palpitations. After a month people start to develop swelling and joint pains.

When children get stung by the infected bacteria, they get a rash with a pink color in the center and red color on the surrounding skin. While they suffer from a headache, stiff neck, muscles and joint pains, fever and chills, poor appetite, swollen glands and sore throat. On the other hand, dogs face the loss of appetite, reduction in energy, generalized stiffness and lameness.

Effects of Lyme disease;

Lyme disease has got mostly identified on the Northern side of America, and the European countries and the researcher Lyme pediatric expert Charles Ray Jones identified the effects of the bacterial infection on the children when they get attacked by the small stingy creatures. According to Charles, insomnia, nausea, abdominal pain, low memory concentration, difficulty in giving attention and expressing thoughts are the few effects that the young patients come across after being the secret victim of the insect.

While dogs develop a severe kidney disease, swollen lymph nodes and a fever between 103 degrees to 105 degrees. They also develop a heart disease, nervous system disease and if the condition fails to get treated within a particular time, the dog may even die.

How can the diseases be cured?

The disease when gets infected to the children or dog can get treated with the help of antibiotics like doxycycline, amoxicillin, or cefuroxime axel. But if they fail to get treated for the particular period, then the children will suffer forever with a mental disorder while dogs will land up in the grave.

However, people can cure the disease on hand by preventing it altogether. The parents must take care of the children properly by making them wear a light colored dress so that they can be spotted and removed. Similarly, the parents are advised to make their children tuck in their trousers inside the socks so that no insect gets inside the trousers. Use of insect repellent is another way of preventing the bugs from approaching the human skin.

In dogs, two types of blood test can be conducted to diagnose the Lyme disease. One is antibody test, and the other one is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. The antibody acts as the antidote inside the dog body and reacts to the bacterium while PCR confirms about the availability of the bacterium inside the body. To overcome the disease a week, extensive treatment is to be carried out to root out the disease altogether.  Moreover, the pet owners can follow preventive measure before getting their pets attacked from the sting of the insect, i.e., keeping your dogs away from the untidy garden area and by taking the dogs for regular medical check-ups.

So, with the rapid advancement of the disease in the American and European territory, the disease has become quite a concern for the residence. The residents, as well as the government, are equally responsible for alleviating the disease from the state so awareness campaign regarding the prevention of Lyme and free medical checkup, health insurance, and vaccination approach must get provided for the secure health children. While the public places like parks, garden, picnic spot should get at least brushed with medical sprays where the children and their pet can safely spend their time.