The Case Of Can't Vote/ Won't Vote: How Is It Going To Affect Presidential Election?

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The Case Of Can't Vote/ Won't Vote: How Is It Going To Affect Presidential Election?

In the case of non-voters. There are, as we all know, a percentage of people not voting or unwilling to vote reasons being their own. Thinking that only one mere vote would not make a difference is not thinking far ahead. Keep in mind the voter does not decide directly on who becomes president instead of the voters in each state vote for a specific state of “electors”.

Small votes matter:

All votes are essential to the candidate. Like an infinite paradox. If you live in a small state like Alaska, your single vote counts more than if you lived in California, a much bigger state which can generate more votes and thus lies the paradox but again each vote counts. Yes, your vote counts.

“As Madonna sings, ‘Express yourself!’” Sabato said. “That’s what it’s about. It’s a civic duty and the desire of people who care about public affairs to express themselves.”

 Some people suggested if popular votes don’t count then why vote at all? But every vote does count. It just counts in a more complicated way. When you vote for president, remember that you're voting in a state election, not a national election. So your vote counts just as much as anyone else's in your state — but it may count more or less than that of someone living in another state.

Now that Mr. Donald Trump won the elections against Hillary Clinton being the 45th president by 276 to 218 the Republican took the key states necessary, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio early on the morning day of election whilst going towards the White House.

Voting will in turn through restoring their public health care system, having daycares for their children and when they grow older a better college education. Voting is the right of every American than in 1919 women did not even have rights compared to now when voting is encouraged.

Mr. Donald Trump has made this his priority now that he has won the election but keeping in mind all made possible through just a simple vote and Berine Sanders, being a Democrat, also wants to make election day a national holiday, so Americans have no reason not to vote on that day.

The fault in our system:

Being ineligible, due to residency requirement of state laws that bar ex-felons from voting. In 2008, The Census Bureau found around 4 million Americans fell into these categories. Commonly most people forget to register before the deadline. The US government doesn’t automatically register anyone who is eligible to vote.

People have to remember to register to vote. It also different in each state Minnesota lets you only register on Election Day, in North Dakota, you don’t have to register at all, and in most states, you have to register well in advance. The Census Bureau found that most people simply forget.

Determined and well said before winning the election “If the doctor says, "'I'm sorry, Jim,' 'I'm sorry, Alice,'"... You're not going to make it. You'll be gone by the end of November. I don't give a damn," Trump said. "Show up and vote on Nov. 8."-