Is It Just Kirk Herbstreit's Salary Which Contributes to His Splendid Net Worth of $2 Million?

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Is It Just Kirk Herbstreit's Salary Which Contributes to His Splendid Net Worth of $2 Million?

"What would you want in your life?" is a question to which you could have a thousand different reply from thousand different people. However, most of these answers would undeniably have "fame" and "money," and that is indeed what most people seek for as a sign of success. Who wouldn't like to be famous and rich at the same time, while doing something that you'd like to do.

Although most of the people live and work as a mediocre and for them, a significant bank balance is something out of reach, still there are several jobs that pay you as much as you want, or as much as you perform.

Is It Just Kirk Herbstreit's Salary Which Contributes to His Splendid Net Worth of $2 Million?

Kirk Herbstreit, who is currently working as an analyst for the College GameDay show is also known for his previous career as a sportsman himself in American football. As a reason, he is very active in covering and reporting football related events and shows on ESPN as well as other networks.

Plus, he is also an annual figure who frequently appears in NCAA Football, by EA Sports, which can obviously contribute to his bank balance. Plus he was a quarterback and played for Ohio State Buckeyes, and that has contributed hugely to his net worth value.

Caption: ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit on Oklahoma Live, 2014.

Source: Oklahoma Live

Reports indicate that he has a salary figure of around 250 thousand dollars per year, which make his net worth value currently standing at 2 million US dollars.

It is not surprising really, because apart from his successful journalism career, Kirk has also been a pro football player for many years and that has also contributed significantly in his big bank balance. There have also been tweets about the benefits of having many zeros behind a number for a salary figure:

Short Bio on Kirk Herbstreit:

Kirk Herbstreit is an American journalist as well as a former professional football player, who was born in Centerville, Ohio on the 19th of August, 1969. He was a student at the Centerville High School and played football for the school team as a quarterback and in the mid-80s, debuted as a professional for the Ohio State Buckeyes team.

After he was promoted to the senior team in 1992, he got a chance to work with his father Jim Herbstreit, who himself was a former state player and later a coach. After retiring from sports in the late 90s, Kirk was active in several charities and donations and also was enthusiastic in the recruitment and development of young football players. 

Talking about his personal life, Kirk is a married man and is a father of four kids. He and his wife Allison used to live in Ohio but moved on to Nashville, Tennessee some years ago; apparently because of his bad relationship with some Ohio state fans. He met his wife, a cheerleader through the game and the two of them got married in 1998. He was recently known for preparing a shortlist of names, which according to him could be nominated for 2016 Herbie Awards.