A Look On Stacy London's Spine Surgery Recovery With Boyfriend And Spoiler Alert: It Is The Cutest

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A Look On Stacy London's Spine Surgery Recovery With Boyfriend And Spoiler Alert: It Is The Cutest

Recovering from surgery can be tough to tackle with, but, if surrounded by the loved ones, it becomes relatively easy to tackle the pain. American stylist/fashion consultant Stacy London shares the similar scenario as she goes through her spinal surgery. 

Stacy was accompanied by her loving boyfriend while on the mend.  

Stacy London's Spinal Surgery!

Stacy London started to have an awful back pain in the mid of the year 2016. The illness had continued for six long months before it was treated with surgery in early December 2016.

While suffering from spinal illness, Stacy's photographer boyfriend, Nick Onken was his partner at the hospital. Both, Stacy London and Nick Onken documented Stacy's whole recovery process on a social media, Instagram.

Just after five days of her spine surgery in early December 2016, Stacy London shared a picture of Instagram where she is using a walker for support and kissing Nick who is also on crutches, followed by his bike accident a week before Stacy's surgery.


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Similarly, just after a week of last Instagram image, Stacy’s boyfriend, Nick Onken also took to Instagram to share the duo's image on 24 December 2016. Nick captioned the image as ‘Happy Holidays From Clippers’.


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Both duo's Instagram images are enough to witness the bond between Stacy and her boyfriend, that further gives insight on how close Nick and Stacy have grown in this circumstances.

The duo's bond was the same after Stacy was discharged from the hospital.

Both, Nick and Stacy supported each other on difficult times, which is evident in a picture shared on Nick's Instagram. Captioning the image 'We are slowly on the mend' Nick shared the image where Stacy is spotted kissing Nick, who is holding their dog ‘Dora’ in his hands while the pair stroll in Carroll Garden Brooklyn.


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After the surgery, Stacy proved that she was recovered emotionally too as she went straight to her all-time favorite job, i.e. shopping for the upcoming season. Uploading an Instagram image on 24 January 2017, Stacy shared her shopping moments to all her fans.


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Stacy then-boyfriend, Nick Onken asked for a break, which led the duo to break up. Despite the breakup, Stacy convinced him while in London and the duo head for therapy and the trip together to a lavish Mediterranean vacation and got engaged.

But the duo never got married as both, Stacy and to-be-husband, Onken split at the end of their extravagant trip. Stacy London returned to her apartment in Brooklyn. Stacy revealed her emotions at the time by saying,  

"I started to feel like everything about me and about my life was being unceremoniously dismantled, one floorboard at a time."

Stacy London's Illness, Depression, and Near-Bankruptcy!

Stacy's surgery was not the first time that she got hospitalized, as she previously battled eating disorder anorexia and compulsive overeating in her early 20s. Sharing the reason for the illness (eating disorder), she shared to PEOPLE in September 2012 by saying,

“I felt like I’d never had a serious boyfriend and I really wanted to be attractive,”

Being hospitalized for short time, Stacy resumed eating again which turned into binge eating to mask her self-doubt. Stacy doubled her weight from 90 lbs to 180 lbs within a year. To inspire other people facing similar body-image battles, she decided to pen down her journey in a book 'The Truth About Style'.

“When you can talk about something and shine light on it, you’re obliterating shame. And that to me was always the really hard part – to feel so filled with shame and having no recourse to thinking it could get better.”

Apart from her surgery, Stacy suffered from depression too! 

Stacy London wrote a candid essay on refinery29.com about her post spinal surgery year on 3 February 2018. Stacy revealed that she was suffering from depression which usually happens after spinal surgeries. Stacy disclosed that she avoided the depression issue at the time.

"You know what is a great salve for depression? Pretending you don't have it," she wrote. "More fantasies. More shopping. There just wasn't much else I could actually do to escape what I was feeling physically and emotionally."

Not only that, Stacy also faced a phone call which gave her the news of her college ex-boyfriend committing suicide. The news made Stacy spend unnecessarily more which she revealed by saying, 

"Without a job to go to, and with a good enough excuse not to, I started to spend money almost mindlessly: I ordered in food twice a day (mostly Bareburger and mostly with the Caviar app). I bought toys for my dog Dora -- toys I could barely pick up."

In 2017, a year after her surgery, Stacy learned with her accountant that was running out of money and turning to broke. However, Stacy changed and gathered the positivity as per her saying, 

"A lot broke last year. And from all that brokenness, there is no other choice but to affirm life. It means picking up the pieces of mine off the floor."

Stacy got rid of her house in Brooklyn and closets to sell the excess clothes and is now ready to get a fresh start in 2018.

Born in the New York on May 25, 1969, Stacy London began her career with Vogue and Mademoiselle, and style celebrities like  Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler. She is now popular for her Television show What Not to Wear(2003) aired on channel TLC.

Moreover, she was an executive producer of Television reality show Big Brooklyn Style(2012)and an editor at Shape magazine's fashion column. All her hard work paid off, and she has successfully accumulated a splendid net worth of $8 million.