Is Rachel Potter Married And Hiding Her Wedding Details? Or Is Just Blissfully Dating Her Boyfriend?

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Is Rachel Potter Married And Hiding Her Wedding Details? Or Is Just Blissfully Dating Her Boyfriend?

Usually, celebrities try to maintain a remarkable amount of privacy in their life apart from their profession. Most of the celebrities want privacy in their love life, but when they meet a perfect person for them, they can’t stop themselves from expressing their love.

The gorgeous Rachel Potter belongs to the same category, as she is not shy at all to flaunt her relationship. Wondering who the lucky guy is? Stick around to find out!

Rachel Potter Boyfriend and Dating status:

Rachel has been dating Zach Michael, a musical artist since 2015. Potter first went for a date with her boyfriend, Zach on March 8, 2015.

If you have noticed, although the thirty-two-years-old singer Rachel Potter doesn't share anything with the media, is very active in sharing her love story via social medias.

Recently, on March 8, 2017, she shared a picture recalling her first date with Zach on her Instagram.


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After dating Zach for more than a year, she got engaged to him in August 2016. Zach shared his happiness on Instagram saying


Potter is spotted flaunting her beautiful engagement ring in an image shared by Zach.


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After few months of engagement, Potter welcomed their son, Jude Michael Kroenung, on December 13, 2016. She announced the news about the arrival of her son through her Instagram, stating that he was born on Taylor Swift’s birthday, which must be a good sign.

The pair had announced the news about Potter’s pregnancy in June 2016 by sharing a sonogram picture on Instagram.


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Earlier this year in June, Rachel shared an image of her partner, Zach, holding their son in his arms. She captioned the picture saying how great Zach is as a “Dad.”


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The proud parents of a son Jude, Potter and Zach aren’t married. Though this couple hasn’t exchanged vows committing to be with each other in their good and bad times, they enjoy living together like a husband and wife.

Well, Rachel Potter’s relationship with her boyfriend might be a new relationship goal to some people.

More About Rachel Potter:

Though Potter has been very active in sharing her love life, she hasn’t provided information about her parents as much as her boyfriend and son. She has neither revealed her ethnicity.

However, according to wiki sites, Rachel was born on August 21, 1984, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Brought up in Seminole, Florida, Potter developed her interest in singing by the very young age.

At the age of twelve, Potter began writing songs to cope with her mother, who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. After graduating from the college, Potter used to sing in a wedding band in New York.

She then began her Broadway career in the year 2011. However, she gained a new height of success and popularity only after appearing in the third season of The X Factor.

Despite her career, Rachel has also raised her voice for gay rights and gay marriage using her powerhouse voice and country music. Such a noble thing to do, right?