She's Fired! Conservative Commentator Tomi Lahren Is Permanently Banned from The Blaze

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She's Fired! Conservative Commentator Tomi Lahren Is Permanently Banned from The Blaze

Commentator Tomi Lahren has been banned permanently from the news show, "The Blaze", and that has made the internet go crazy.

It all started when she and her show were suspended for a week when she said that she is "pro-choice"  during an appearance on "The View."

Caption: Tomi Lahren's statement  on The View that got her Fired.

Tomi's exact words from the talk said,

“I am someone that’s for limited government … So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women should do with their bodies.” 

Besides the video, her firmness on her statement was visible on her social media accounts as well.

The Blaze is one of Glenn Beck’s network of conservative news and punditry, and the statement she gave over on "The View" ignited the fire between her and Beck. Beck even caller her a hypocrite. 

Beck's representative then said,

“Glenn is reminding the world of his conservative principles by sidelining Tomi after she insulted conservatives by calling them hypocrites … He’s trying to balance being a leading conservative thinker and also someone who can unify the country … He just couldn’t sit by and watch as Tomi Lahren said there’s no way for conservatives to justify anything other than being pro-choice.”

Moreover, progressives have found it interesting that Lahren was banned for her pro-choice stance rather than her comments on immigrants, Hispanics, and the Black Lives Matter movement.  

Not only is Lahren now unemployed, she must also deal with the frenzy going over on the internet with what happened to her.

Moreover, an Instagram user with the name The Shade Room also posted a hilarious post related to the firing of Lahren.


#TomiLahren #TheBlaze ????

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Well, now that she is banned from The Blaze, she's got to find a new job. We wish her the very best of luck for the future!